Can i get banned for mass reports?

i am getting put into a lot of group games and i am wondering if there is a chance i can get spammed reported?

these groups are toxic and legit trying to get boosted by smurfs and they are threating to avoid and report me for “throwing”.

i am just playing the game and playing my best idk what more people want for me, no one likes playing tank idk why i am getting flamed and threated to be report bombed for learning a role and its heroes.

(like i am diamond why are people expecting diamond tanks to play like top 500s -_-)

I dunno, someone was salty after one of my games and said he’d told everyone to report me for not healing (I got the gold healing card at the end lol) and that I would be “banned, you hear me, banned!”

Hasn’t happened yet so. :laughing:

who knows, idc i enjoyed this game as much as i did.

what can you do if it does happen but move one to something else.

That’s ok, I had a player last night announce in match chat to ban D.Va. (I was playing her).

What for do you ask? Wasting my ult. *facepalm

So I goofed up and threw it bad, stuff happens. But they went on a rant and wanted me reported. Our team still won btw. PirateTK - RWJWCH

I’m not the greatest D.Va player, but I have moderate success.

As for reporting, I only report people for being abusive in chat, throwing games, sabotage, things like that. I don’t report people for playing badly/making mistakes or not swapping to a different hero. That’s just petty.

Game on.

It takes a lot of reports (or extremely egregious behavior) to get into trouble. A group reporting you together won’t get you banned by itself, especially not with something ambiguous like “didn’t play the way we wanted” or whatever. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

When a player is reported in a match of Overwatch any additional reports will not weigh in determining actions. It’s determined by the number of matches reported and if there is clear evidence of consistent disruptive behavior. So calling for a player to mass report another is pointless.

As long as you are abiding by the Blizzard Code-of-Conduct and trying to do your best, you will be fine.


hmm idk why people do this then and ask others to spam reports on 1 tricks.

They are simply angry and allowing their emotions to take over. They think it does good, but it really doesn’t.


like the sym main right? i heard he got massed reported and blizzard had to keep removeing his reports since they were fake.

That is why there is an appeal process. However, I would emphasize that one-tricking is not an excuse to be disruptive in other players games. There are clear examples of this that Blizzard has addressed publicly.

If anyone should ever see the warning dialog (pictured below) or receive an action, they need to stop and think about what could be making other players so mad when playing with them. The reality is that nearly every single one of us will have been reported at least once for one reason or another, however, only about 1% of players are ever so consistently toxic that they ever reach the levels of suspensions or permanent bans (this is confirmed in various panels from BlizzCon and the Fair Play Alliance).

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interesting, thank you for the info.

i legit had no idea this existed tbh.

I try to maintain any relevant record of developer statements which is critical to understanding things like Blizzard makes decisions on how to handle less than positive behavior in their games. A lot of people like to argue with me but I am very convinced that if Blizzard’s report and account action systems were as rigged as some claim, I myself should have received at least a warning by now. I can get very intense in a lot of games, and in a few games, I have lost my temper. Blizzard knows this is true of every player.


no way people argue with mr myst, but ya its nice you keep the records and thank you for doing so so it helps people like my myself understand the system.

People are welcome (and I encourage) to argue or disagree with me. I say this because that supports constructive feedback for Blizzard in the long run. If you want to see everything I have documented, find it here:

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That’s how most bans happen. Being put with a stack. Stacks have absurd power with the laughably flawed report system for 2 reasons:

  1. Multi report games count higher in the algorithm. A single game with 11 reports will get you banned if you’ve had an average amount of reports.
  2. Report stacking in groups strengthens your individual report’s power. Blizzard weakens your reports the more people you report who are not actioned. By having a minimum 4 other players report every time you report someone, you maintain the highest possible strength for your reports, multiplied by 5.

Again a player reported is considered for the match they are reported in, not the number of reports receive by the players in that match.

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That’s 100% false. I guarantee most players get at least 1 report every time they lose a competitive match. There are players who report their entire team every loss.

yes, you can, steevoo has proved that recently.

Yeah you can. I got reported by 2 5 stacks about 1 1/2 hours apart in comp. Got me banned when I didn’t even have a mic at the time and I avoided joining text due to toxicity

It’s pretty rare, still possible. Not sure why people are saying it isnt

Yes you can, but the chances every group to report you without an actual reason for it aren’t high. Most big groups are hoping to be endorsed since they can’t endorse each other and therefore they have less interest to get toxic.