Random mass reports = Silence/Ban

It’s no wonder we’re getting smurfs from left to right. False reporting players is getting them banned or silenced. This game is pretty much dead at this point if people have so much power to kick an innocent from the team especially a 5 stack ganging up against a solo queue player.

Do something about this, Blizz.


It takes a lot of reports across many different games to get a player banned in-game. It’s not like the Forums where one mod comes across some post of you critiquing the devs or something like that.

WyomingMist was talking to someone earlier and he explicitly stated that the system only counts one report per game. Large stacks ganging up on a solo player does nothing.

I hate to be this person, but if you’re getting silenced and banned in-game, you’re very likely doing something wrong…


No, it’s not me who is getting banned, I’m talking about the rise of smurfs in general. This game is getting as bad as League of Legends when it comes to smurfs.

That can’t be right.

I fail to comprehend how 5 people seeing someone throwing and reporting it can count as someone just being edgy. Maybe he meant 1 report per person/game?

That’s true. By the way you phrased it, I presumed you were talking about yourself.

I wish I could find the post where he talked about it, but it seems to have fallen off the face of the earth…I presume the system is in place so people can afford to have a bad day or two, but if there is an obvious pattern with bad behaviour, someone can look into it and ban the account. From what I understand, it counts the amount of games in which someone has been reported, not the amount of reports.

How can you be so sure that’s true? Did you ask a Blizzard representative to confirm this claim? I don’t want to pry too much but I can’t be too sure ya know?

I’m pretty certain that WyomingMist wouldn’t lie about the report system - It’s kind of his job to share that sort of helpful information when people need it.

Plus I’ll be honest. Even if I wasn’t so sure, I don’t care enough about the topic as a whole to take it to Blizzard themselves.

I should clarify to avoid confusion, this is not WyomingMyst’s job, he’s just a very helpful community member like us, though he only ever says stuff about the game if he’s 95% or more sure about the validity of that claim and can and often will back it up with multiple official statements

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Keep in mind that the system does not ban by amount, it bans by frequency. If you get 11 reports in a single game it only count as one.

I got you:


That’s what I meant. Sorry I wasn’t more clear.


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