1.26 Loot Box Duplicates Issue

Hi everyone,

We’ve identified and solved an issue with standard Loot Boxes causing an increased number of duplicates to be granted to players who own pre-existing core cosmetic content. Players who received standard Loot Boxes during this time will be granted (1) additional standard Loot Box for every standard Loot Box received. For example, if you opened 50 Loot Boxes you will be granted an additional 50 Loot Boxes.

Thank you to all our players for being patient during this time.

Wrecking Ball Loot Boxes granted through Twitch Prime were not affected by this issue.


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Sweet. :smiley:

Wish you’d do this with SR

Yall owe us 100 sr for your indie dev servers crashing recently


Great news.

Does this include lootboxes earned via levelling? Because I earned two or three lootboxes after the Hammond patch went live and I haven’t received any boxes.



Sweet! The original bug didn’t really bother me but an extra box is always an extra box…

When are these additional boxes appearing in game?


This is a great way to say sorry, thanks blizz :slight_smile:

edit - don’t seem to have my lootboxes, will it take time for people to receive them?


I opened 52 loot boxes yesterday I’ve hoarded over last month or two. Does that mean I’m getting 52 boxes? That would be sweet :rofl:

You didn’t spend money on SR. You already spent money on the game and typically people don’t buy the game again.

People who buy lootboxes tend to buy more lootboxes.

They will, without hesitation, ensure the people who buy lootboxes are taken care of when mistakes are made to ensure they continue to buy them.

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Again, Tom saves the day.

Next hero??? Captain Powers? :smiling_imp:

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This is what I was wondering! I opened a few that were just duplicates and I haven’t seen the replacements in game yet. I’m sure it’ll take time, but I’m still curious lol

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^Yeah it will probably take some time to process all the information for every account that was online at that time, give it an hour or so then hopefully most will see the boxes

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WOW I was angry about this…

It’s just SO Upsetting to play my favorite hero for a few hours, Getting pounded into the ground because i just so happen to like the one hero everyone else hates, and got nerfed beyond recognition… Only to be told “Yea… you didn’t get anything for it”

Thank GOD You are at least refunding the boxes we earned…
Even the hammond boxes were upsetting ;-;
two blues…

Nope. Hoarded boxes don’t include future items.

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Awesome gesture! Thank you!!!

Hi Lee, players can expect to receive their additional loot boxes within a week.