✅ Mei: Slow duration 1.5sec -> 0.75sec

Here’s an idea for Mei.

A while back she got a buff from having her Slows last 1.5sec, instead of 1.0sec.

That means she gets a nice beefy 30% Slow just for landing 1 projectile of Frost on enemies, and that Slow lasts for 1.5sec

So what if they want the other way on that.


Endothermic Blaster

  • Slowing effect duration reduced from 1.5sec, to 0.75sec.
  • Initial Slow reduced to 20%, down from 30%
  • Incremental Slows increased to 2.85% up from 2.5%

Would make it a lot more difficult for Mei to just land 1 projectile of Frost on a bunch of enemies, and effectively do an anti-speedboost to them all.

Instead she’d have to juggle a lot more, or focus on specific enemies more.

Would also make it so Tracer/Genji get used more. I.e. Some of the core heroes to Dive.


While at it, fix the bug that makes freeze build up even after Rein has put his shield up.

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That sounds like lag. And favoring the shooter.

No, there’s a genuine bug that makes this happen.
Mei sprays you ever so slightly, you put your shield up and you get slown down to the apex of her slow effect with your shield up.

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That is good but I think if they remove the damage from here m1 that will be good to because she can’t 1v1 every hero in the game and she have to use her m2 more and will make her have to play with her team more but is just my opinion

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That’s how her Frost works.

1 projectile of Frost deals a 30% Slow, then followup projectiles deal +2.5% Slow additional.

No, you get slown down to the absolute max.
As though you were only 1 tick away from fully freezing.



I’m fine with that.

It’s not a crazy amount of damage to begin with.

Dude here is the thing mei hs dose 150 damage ok if she freeze someone it will still do damage so that will be a one shot to 250 hp hero’s but if u remove the freeze damage then she can’t just run in your face freeze u and one shot u

I guess, but that’s mostly relevant to Mei vs Reaper and Mei vs Mei.

tbh I’d rather they just lower how effective her slow/freeze is to make her less oppressive in lower ranks. But then boost the projectile speed of MB1 and fix the other “double-edgy” parts of her kit… Which means her 2 abilities and lowkey Blizzard.

I would go with 0.5s myself. Make cover and shield dancing mean something, also punish Mei for spraying.

And remove the 30% initial slow.


Assuming thats the direction you’d want to go.
Currently it takes 30 frost projectiles to freeze a target, 29 of which Slow
With 30% on the first one, then +2.5% on the subsequent projectiles 28 projectiles

Would you say that instead you’d prefer a to take that cumulative 100% Slow, and redistribute it across the 29 projectiles evenly? Say 3.45% Slow per Frost projectile?

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Ok let say u playing mccree ok u can hit 2 shots before u get frozen ok if she hs u u will still have 50 hp if no one is helping her mccree can be unfroze and hit her that will make her skill go up a lot but that just me I’m not that pod to say but we will see

Well, before the buff Mei would deal 50 damage with the freeze, now she deals 65 damage before the freeze.

I was thinking keep the same time to freeze, so the later.

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Yeah, basically I was just saying instead of 30% Slow, followed by +2.5% for followup Frost projectiles.

To just even that all out, so that all the Frost projectiles just do 3.45% Slow, with no initial big Slow.

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When did that buff happen?

I haven’t played a whole lot of Mei since season 5

February 2018