✅ Mei: Slow duration 1.5sec -> 0.75sec

Thanks for the info!

Added another nerf, with a minor buff.

I thought of a few ways to nerf Mei. One idea was: As she freezes, her footsteps get louder. Making like a crack noise. Which gets louder the more targets you freeze. Another is simply add in voice lines. IE: Mei is freezing me! etc.

While they’re at it, they can fix the bug that resets/removes the freezing of enemies in her ultimate if a rein shatters.

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55 dps added to the total freeze time makes her headshot always a one tap by the time dps/heals are frozen

Just remove the build-up slow and make the freeze trigger from a cumulative timer from her ult and m1, rather than getting more slow after 100% slowed. Makes Mei hard cumulate slow and effectively maintain distance, but also makes the recipient harder to estimate when they are getting frozen.

I never thought this day would come. I actually AGREE with one of your posts.

I feel like Mei freezes way too fast and easy.

Mei has significant impact with walling off tanks, and the fast freezes are the “icing” on the cake.

tracer shouldnt have an issue vs her given she can blink out of range/recall and shoot out of her range :upside_down_face:

genji…why would you ever use genji if enemy has a mei?

so you want mei nerfed to return to dive meta?
casue thats how the post comes off.

her spray is a beam.
even if u raise shield the beam is still going from moment u cut it off…ergo it still ticks up.
not a bug most likely.

I mostly want Mei nerfed, intelligently.
Instead of getting some dumb simple sledgehammer nerfs.

Since nerfs are coming, but I’d like to make sure the character isn’t a hollow shell on a hero, like what Roadhog got in season 5.

It would be better to revert the original buff back in February 2018 to original state before severely weakening like you’re doing now. The reason for the buff was pretty obvious back then, but was largely ignored.

I think this might have been a bug with the slow stacking mechanic. It put ice slow on top of shield out slow. They did change the mechanic since that video was made to only count the biggest currently applied effect, as in if you took a freeze burst and then put up your shield it wasn’t shield carrying slow on top of 30% slow, it was just whichever one was worse at that moment.

what u proposed would do that…

majority of heroes have some form of mobility.

nerfing her niche (and at that point anyone with mobility would not fear her anymore and a lucio would literally make her a non threat) is effectively taking away only thing she has going for her.

her dmg sucks (especially the small ammo if you use her alt fire)
her build up to cc is minute dmg even over entire duration.

she would most likely be the most boring hero to play as at that point.

she can alreayd be dealt with if you pay attention.
your changes would put her at near sym lvls.

Because she sucked during Dive, when the meta was a close range brawl, and the current meta is a close range brawl?

No, Mei is fine. She was a throw before multi-freeze. Widow and Hanzos one shotting, doom one shot, Mccree stun/fan the hammer, and you are worried about being frozen?


Possibly, but the nice part about numbers that are like this is that if they are too far, then somewhere inbetween is just right.

This… Actually doesn’t sound half bad. I’m not 100% on the numbers, but the idea itself is a good place to start.

Sounds good.

These videos are from 2018, and they changed how cumulative Slows work since then.

In the videos, you’d be seeing about an 80% Slow on the very first projectile, since Rein already has a 50% SelfSlow.

That mechanism doesn’t exist anymore.

Thanks for the Mei post shoutout.