[Main Thread] Log in as administrator / Update loop

How about you stop forcing us to update game every single time before I start HOTS, giving us endless lags and other performance issues? Thank you


Same here. The battle.net keeps updating everytime I open the app. What is going on, I have to wait more than 10min before it actually let me hit the “play” button.

I also have this endless patching bug. Everytime I exit game bnet forces an unknown patch on me. Help

Came here to say this same thing. 136 MB patch every time I want to start HOTS, including if I just played it. Like literally just played 2 games, closed HOTS, immediately hit play again and it downloads the same 136 MB patch, again.

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Also getting this since last night. I think it’s somehow related to massive FPS drops I’ve had while playing too.

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Do we have to visit wow forums again to let the engineers know something about bnet is broken?

Haven’t seen it reported here before.

Nobody compels you to visit here. Go be useless somewhere else if you don’t have anything better to do than making responses with no value.

Hey everyone,

Thank you all for reporting this! I can confirm that the Battle.net App team is investigating the root cause of this issue, as it is affecting all games hosted through the Battle.net App.


Same here . I still keep getting fake updates i think my account is being targeted by malware.

these lil 138 mb patches may be nothing for blizzard but eventually my lil 256gb hd will be full in a month (if these things are stacking) lol

Same issue… really frustruating. Glad I’m not the only one having issues with massive FPS drops, so it’s not on my end.

Mine is still doing this.

endless patching confirmed.

my game is stuck asking to update now before it was endless patching now i guess it reached its limit it asking for admin and everything is on admin mode

Hey all,

The development team has identified the underlying issue and is working on a permanent fix. In the meantime, you can work around this problem by manually changing the permissions of your Documents folder:

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to your Documents folder
  2. Right-click the Documents folder and click Properties
  3. Click the Security tab towards the top
  4. Click the “Edit…” button next to “To change permissions, click Edit.
  5. Ensure “Full control” is set to “Allow” for all Groups or user names
  6. Click Apply and OK

We apologize for any disruption this has caused, and we’ll update this thread when we have concrete information regarding a permanent fix.

I have this bug for about a week and so far it wasn’t bothering me much but today it got worse. Download speed is 32KB/s. I’ve waited 10 minutes and it only got 25% of the download. Expecting a 40 minutes wait time to launch. I have no problems with my internet connection. Please give high priority to this issue.

It is already activaded and doesnt work here. 40 minutes waiting for the update this time.

I still have the patch bug too, others have reported it has gone away for them. Sigh.

Same here and I cant find any way to fix it

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Same trouble, can’t update or even fresh install HOTS, get BLZBNTAGT0000084B error code. Diablo 3, TBC Classic work tho.