Is anyone else getting a million HotS updates?

Starting to wonder whether the Blizzcon cancellation was a symptom of a larger problem. Like all the competent people actually having left the company, so they can’t fix these technical issues even if they want to, or if they can it will take an extremely long time with the existing rookie employees.

Never in my life did I see these problems persist above 12-24 hours at most.

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Don’t know about everyone else, but this mess is no longer happening to me since yesterday.

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The problem is them not wanting extra attention from online protests to Blizzcon, while they’re being sued out of their heads every which way.

Well, not entirely. Many people forget just how glitchy, buggy, and at times completely non-accessible WoW was back in the day. “Maintenance Tuesday” meant you could not play at all for at least 24 hours, sometimes longer, and servers often went down with no warning for hours at a time. Bugs persisted for weeks, and some weird ones exist to this day.

I am not saying I am happy with the current situation, far from it, but it was really a fairly short window of time when games were running smoothly 95%+ of the time.


i am having the same problem right now and they said they were going to fix the bug which they didn’t

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Here is the thread they direct you to for this issue on Tech Support. As you can see it ETA on the fix is the classic Blizzard trademark “soon.”

Personally I’m a bit tired of the constant patching, it happens when I first start the launcher and again when I exit any Blizzard game.


Looks like I spoke too soon. Bah.

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Yeah, I thought it was fixed too once, but it was because I hadn’t closed the launcher.

Actually, I think it’s not a bug. I think blizzard wants to make sure your games are fully updated every second of every day.

Obviously, the launcher deleted the pack before it exits.

Im still getting this… A month later.

Im on weak bandwidth so it takes me 5-10 minutes to launch the game. Don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like it… With any game company… ever.


Here’s a good work-around if you haven’t seen the topic yet.

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I appreciate Hoku posting this work around, unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

If this problem was only for Hots I’d understand it taking so long to fix. As it’s a problem for all Blizzard games, taking over a month with no fix in sight, is a situation I don’t think I’ve ever encountered in all my years playing Blizzard games.


It’s mind blowing how much it’s still a problem. The company has truly plunged itself into a deep freeze at this point.


Same problem for a month now. I am getting really sick of it. Especially since my internet has a data cap. Blizz needs to fix this crap ASAP!

I reinstalled app. Did not fix. I reinstalled HOTS. Did not fix. What else you got blizz???

A blue in Tech Support said they know about the issue and it’s being worked on. Please don’t go and yell at them as they aren’t responsible for fixing this problem.

It’s really annoying I agree. Use Hoku’s fix if you can I works for me!

Its still updating for me too but I just learned to ignore it by now.


A crypto mining software camouflaged as a bnet app issue. How smart. And sad at the same time especially when the culprit is a company with profits in millions of dollars.

And you people still wonder why it has not been fixed even after such a long time?

Yeah. Also, vaccines contain tracking chips… :roll_eyes:

Well conspiricy people need to feed on something to have thier day going.