The game asks me to update and when I do it tells me “it cannot access the folder” More Help BLZBNTAGT0000084B.

I already did the steps on this page:

But I still have the problem, what else can I do?

Hey there Jorge,

My apologies for the frustrations going on with the BLZBNTAGT0000084B error going on. There is a known problem going on that the developers are addressing still. Some fixes were pushed to help out but it’s still broken for many players. For reference, we’ve been monitoring and updating this thread as we get information. As I type this, there is no news so some patience is asked for should workarounds not help.

Which brings me to what has helped which is relating to the folder Heroes of the Storm uses for settings. The first idea is to check and possibly change the permissions:

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to your Documents folder
  2. Right-click the Documents folder and click Properties
  3. Click the Security tab towards the top
  4. Click the “Edit…” button next to “To change permissions, click Edit.
  5. Ensure “Full control” is set to “Allow” for all Groups or user names
  6. Click Apply and OK

If that doesn’t help, then renaming or deleting the Heroes of the Storm folder in the Documents Folder may help.

Hopefully these ideas help out. Cheers!

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