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Heros will not Load at all (1)
Stiches helping hand can hook ally Deathwing (1)
PTR Deathwing vs AI bot cc (Qhira, Xul) (2)
Tassadar's AA on Death wing Crashes the game (2)
PTR ping enemy hero (1)
Deathwing Can Target Dead Forts (1)
PTR AI bots capping mercs (1)
PTR Tutorial Bugs (1)
Hanamura Temple Minions still grant XP (2)
Deathwing feedback - some bugs (1)
Deathwing, talent on 16th level (1)
Unable to purchase items from shop (1)
AI player D.Va doesn't use Self-Destruct (2)
Stitches Pulls Friendly Deathwing (6)
Abathur symbiote cant get xp gloves while is in a fort/keep (4)
HOTS PTR keeps crashing (3)
The mouseover text of Deathwings' Energy shows Mana, while using Dragonflight (1)
Real ID issue on PTR (redirected here from ticket) (1)
PTR crashed hard drive (1)
Hots won't start (1)
Fire and fury bug (1)
PTR Deathwing can collect XP during Dragonflight (1)
PTR Deathwing "Stood in the Fire" description wrong (1)
Deathwing Temporarily Turned Invisible (1)
Game crashed on Volskaya (1)
About enemy exp globes (animation is missing) (1)
[resolved] Elementium Plating tooltip (3)
RTX graphics card MVP screen crash (1)