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[PTR] Anduin - Divine Star bug (1)
Butcher Bug With Chromie (4)
AI on Battlefield will only defend unless told otherwise (5)
AI Chromie shoots Sand Blast in wrong directions (1)
Not all previous ranked seasons show up in the career profile on ptr (2)
Kerrigan/Muradin incorrect quest progress number (re Chromie) (1)
PTR Chromie obsolete Time Trap arrow indicator (2)
PTR Chromie Bronze Talons missing vfx (2)
Can we get better readability on the new Roles for Quick Match/AI screen? (2)
Is PTR US only? (5)
Chromie's movement speed - not stacking? (4)
New Chromie should have this (1)
Lucio's New Ultimate (3)
Lucio's Subwoofer talent does not increase the 'first half' range upon quest completion, despite the indicator growing as if it did (2)
New in-game stats screen: First 3 stats (KAD) are too cramped in the UI compared to the rest (3)
AI bugged on ping (1)
Can't get into a game on PTR (2)
Having a bug when pressing the "Ready" button (1)
Limited map bug still present (1)
Ana Biotic Grenade Talent Bug (4)
Ana PTR Contact Healing (3)
PTR ai bots + map specific items (6)
PTR Whitemane feedback (1)
RESISTANCE PTR; Blaze, Abathur, Ana (3)
Ana - Biotic Grenade doesn't increase healing [video attached] (1)
Alterac Valley Pathing (2)
Abathur's symbiote gets removed whenever Samuro uses Mirror-Image/Swaps (3)
Abathur Reinforced Carapace and Network carapace bug (2)