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Can't connect to the PTR for more than a week (3)
PTR Ping Portraits fails (alt-click) (2)
Bug with the E spell with Qhira (2)
Brexit Holdout is the same (6)
PTR Tracer AI bot hates to attack (1)
Qhira healed still happens with The Thirst after hitting non-heroes (2)
Qhira "Ensnaring Swing" talent bug (2)
Qhira "Revolving Sweep" (Е) description mistake (6)
Qhira- Portrait problem (3)
Qhira's Ensnaring Swing and The Thirst bugs (2)
Qhira's Grappling Hook line doesn't project a shadow on the floor (1)
Qhira portrait (on top of in-game screen) seems wrong (2)
Qhira "Healmonger" talent tooltip mistake (1)
Qhira “Blood Rage” (W) missing info (1)
Qhira not included in Nexus universe selector (3)
Fatal Wounds talent bugged on Qhira (2)
PTR blue flames on health (2)
PTR Qhira E vs Unstoppable (3)
PTR Qhira Grappling Hook attack target (1)
Qhira Sorting Bug (1)
PTR Chen kill feed stagger suicide (3)
32:9 3840x1080 ---- (2)
Chen Stagger + Spell power scaling (1)
PTR Chen StormEarthFire vs Energizing Brew (1)
Walking beyond map on PTR (1)
Anduin's talent Blessed recovery bug (3)
Butcher Bug With Chromie (4)