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Kerrigan's Chrysalis cooldown still at 90 seconds (2)
Sylvanas Life Drain may not be working intentionally (4)
Playtime Talent doesn't work (3)
Sylvans Shadow Dagger isn't spreading like it used to (4)
Stitches 's Helping Hand Can damage/kill friend with lv4 talent (3)
Mouse not working on PTR (13)
Leaver queue doesn't work (1)
Leaver bug fix - please fix que times for LEAVERS! (2)
Mouse wired/wireless (2)
No game found ever (1)
PTR- on game launch, wireless mouse doesn't track anymore (1)
Orphea's chomp quest (1)
Killfeed not showing ally kills or deaths (1)
Orphea's Recall Revealing Position (2)
Orphea not available despite blizzcon ticket (2)
Orphea's lvl13 talent "Determination"'s tooltip can be misleading (3)
Orphea’s Crushing Jaws doesn’t deal damage nor stun targets hit by the edge [video attached] (1)
New Dragon Shire UI needs update to be accurate (1)
PTR ai bot Murky recalls in battle (1)
Bug indicator kill streak (1)
PTR Quickmatch Varian can't tank (1)
Eternal Feast reset isn't synced with the damage (1)
Shields applied to non-heroes grant Healing score when preventing damage (1)
AI Bugs + Improvements for Patch 40.0 (1)
Orphea e-q bug. 15smb (1)
PTR patch notes (not a bug exactly) (1)
Map Rotation in PTR (3)
The bug of finishing the final Halloween event quest (2)