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Ana Biotic Grenade Talent Bug (4)
Ana PTR Contact Healing (3)
PTR ai bots + map specific items (6)
PTR Whitemane feedback (1)
RESISTANCE PTR; Blaze, Abathur, Ana (3)
Ana - Biotic Grenade doesn't increase healing [video attached] (1)
Alterac Valley Pathing (2)
Abathur's symbiote gets removed whenever Samuro uses Mirror-Image/Swaps (3)
Abathur Reinforced Carapace and Network carapace bug (2)
Ana - Eye of Horus sometimes doesn't deal damage [video attached] (2)
Abathur New Skin - missing "New" indicator in collections (2)
PTR Ana Horus + D cancel (2)
Deckard Pain Skin issues (2)
AI bugged on ping (1)
Bots confused on Hanamura turret camp (2)
[Kel'Thuzad] Unable to Reactivate Chains (5)
Oh my god! Everybody say :Imperius wings is too small and ugly 。PLS repair it (2)
Kelthuzad's glacial spike bug (4)
Imperius' Q randomly doesn't deal the additional damage (3)
Imperius's Q missing second damage (2)
2.42 PTR Kel'thuzad Bug (4)
Imperius Proportion Issues & more (1)
AI Bugs + Improvments (1)
Orphea Eternal Feast Tooltip Error (1)
Imperius Q extra damage Bug (4)
Imperius' Wrath of the Angiris can't be moved by "Move only" command (2)
Imperius missing silence voice line (2)
Special Event - Heroes of the PTR! 1/2-3/19 (1)