M1 Macs still can't see ground effects for attacks/heals

M1 Macs still can’t see ground effects for attacks/heals. I was wonder when this will be fixed ( been broken for a while now ) ? Runs GREAT on M1 Macs so I imagine its just some small adjustment to fix it. Also, when will loot boxes be removed from HoTS? I am sick of opening them. Otherwise amazing game.

Thanks in advance


I’m disappointed that this game still doesn’t work properly on the M1 chip when WoW seems to work just fine.

And I am disappointed that in a “PTR bug report” reserved section I have to read about loot boxes.


Is this fixed now? :roll_eyes:

Bumpin this, been waiting for this to be fixed for ages now. Seems like a simple Z coordinate fix in the graphics part tbh


Dear developers, please fix the visual ground effects on Mac with M1. It’s so hard to play with this issue.


Would love this some can take a look at this issue.

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I guess BlizzardVision is too busy with lawsuits and walkouts to fix even minor bugs in HOTS. Apple did all the hard lifting with Rosetta 2 and it just needs a simple adjustment to get it perfect. If Blizzard wants to stop the fall of their stock prices, maybe taking care of their fans/clients would be a great place to start. Not asking for full support of HOTS just some maintenance

It’s useless. For this mistake continues for a year.
Support cannot solve the issue, but only sends a link to the topic in the forum. Where people with M1 sit and write 1000 posts.
I think this will not happen) the players have already found the problem themselves, but the game has simply ceased to be technically supported.
I’m with a Macbook M1 MAX and I’ve already made a decision: I’m leaving blizzard. I think that’s enough.