Weekly and Daily Quest Status

Update 11/30: We’ve identified an issue with Weekly and Daily Quests where a player, under certain circumstances, can have a completely blank Quests log and will not receive new Quests. This bug has existed since patch 19.0 launched and is separate from the Weekly and Daily Quests issues hotfixed last week. Affected players are those who have opted out of the Returning Player Experience in the past but did not finish the Quest chain given afterwards. We’re aiming to have a fix out for this issue soon.

UPDATE 11/25: Hi all, we have a new update on compensation for the weekly quest issue. A few minutes ago, we pushed out a new (and hopefully final) wave of compensation to anyone who has missed weekly quests up to this point. To clarify, the full XP amount we’re giving is 6600 XP: 6000 XP for the weekly quests and an additional 600 (10%).

Daily quests are still being worked on. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 11/24: The hotfix has been deployed. Players should now correctly receive new daily and weekly quests.

Since the launch of the new daily and weekly quest system, we’ve been working to correct an issue that could prevent some players from receiving weekly quests, and we’ve recently discovered that daily quests can be affected in some instances as well. They are separate but related issues, so here’s a quick update on both.

Weekly Quests

Last week, we put out an initial fix for this issue, but we’ve found instances where the issue could still occur. We’re working on the fix to prevent all instances of this issue from happening in the future. We’re also aware that some players have missed one or even two weeks of weekly quests, and we’re in the process of identifying all affected accounts so we can provide the missing XP. Please be aware that the compensation may not happen until next week and may happen in different groups at different times. We’ll give updates as soon as any new progress is made.

Daily Quests

We’ve recently identified the issue with daily quests and believe we have a fix. We’re hoping to apply this fix this week and will provide an update as soon as possible. Similarly to weekly quests, we will be offering compensation for those who missed out on daily quests. We’ve just begun the work to identify affected accounts and determine the right way to compensate them. We’ll have an update as soon as we know more, but the best estimate for compensation is currently next week.


Odd they don’t mention it affecting returning players.
Because I want to bet it affects all returning players, not like that would be so hard to test for prior to patching.

EDIT: I didn’t mean it only affects returning players, but returning players do seem to all have an empty quest board, no “new quest in …” messages. that also don’t work, like the other people having no quests.

My point was every returning player having this experience paints an even worse picture.


It’s not just returning players, at least the daily one, as I didn’t get a daily yesterday and have been playing for a long time


yea i was hit by it and i play at least once every 3 days AND I WOULD BE LEVEL 25 RIGHT >.> thats right blizzard im still a salty john over this

Oh yeah? In a week, you say?
You release buggy software, and you have the gall to compensate me in a week?

You shouldn’t have released the new system unless it has been fine-tuned and bug-free in the first place!
It’s not a single card that is bugged - that can be quickly hotfixed! Quest system is the basis for Hearthstone, it’s monumental!

What the hell devs, we’re not some god-damn lab rats! Your new quest system, without any doubt, is in its alpha stage!

Stop disrespecting the players!

…and I’m not even talking about how disgusted I am with this new system in the first place!



Heroic Duels currently also doesn’t give reward track xp. Probably lost 20 hours of XP this way.
are you going to fix that soon as well and compensate affected accounts?


Virtually no game in the history of computer games has released a major update or new system bug free. Games are too complex to be able to do that. They found a bug and are trying to fix it. Sure they failed the first time, and it is frustrating that it is happening to me, and to I would rather get the quests and have the fun in doing them then get compensated with xp, but on this issue I think they are doing fine.


No one talk on bug in duels ? The message said this deck is not valid on this mode

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This person clearly did not play games prior to the abundance of fast-speed internet connections. Game Cube games did not need Day 0 patches like modern games - and HS is much closer to a Game Cube game than to CoD in terms of complexity.


Space invaders arcade game in the late 70’s actually. This person has played tons of games for around 40 years. Before the internet games used to be released to computers and consoles with tons of bugs and they were virtually unfixable. Furthermore, launch day patches/updates are the norm these days.


I have received my quests, but some of them are not updating correctly. I have a weekly quest to play 50 Corrupt cards. I have played 4 cards in a couple of games that were corrupted, but only received credit for playing 1 card. There are other bugs in the system.

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I don’t use the forums often, and I was just wondering why this update was put in multiplayer and not in the bug report forum where I see the most posts about this problem?

Corrupted cards arent corrupt. You gotta play the bad version.

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Thanks for the info, what a stupid quest. Play your cards 50 times in the way that generally hurts you the most.


Next there will be a quest to penflinger your own life 50 times in a week.


Did you read my post at all?
This is not a single card or a buggy mechanic; this is the basis for all Hearthstone. With any decent beta testing, the faulty quest mechanic should be at least detectable.
If the devs release something ‘as-is’, and not mark it as a beta, they

  1. disrespect the players;
  2. didn’t put enough effort;
  3. don’t care about their own product, “eh, that’ll do, they’ll eat it up just fine”.

If I were the boss and devs were my employees, I would fire them on the spot. With a blacklist.

Yes, please fix the XP for Heroic Duels! I have the same problem…played a lot of Heroic Duels and did not get experience points.

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Before the Internet and World of patches every game had to be released bug free. . .

who’s to say that u’re not fooling us yet again with the compensations just like u did with the gold rewards for the new system lol :smiley:

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I am just wanting to post that my daily quests have not updated for the past three days. I am not sure if my weekly quests were effected this past week.