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Tyrande Whisperwind availability?
Petition to Bring Back Tyrande Whisperwind

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It is fitting that this thread should be one of the three first threads on the Hearthstone forum. Bring Tyrande back.


:100: Tyrande needs to be brought back. I’m sure blizz was hoping this would die with the new forums at this point :wink:


Here’s hoping the new year will bring Tyrande back.


if they can’t because of twitch, they can make another version of her (say a hots version) and put it in the shop


Posting my response from another thread.

In the old mega-thread, someone had suggested a new version that could be distinguished from the original release. Those who were able to get theirs first can still have that feeling of having something unique, while satisfying those who weren’t able to get her in the beginning. Maybe something like a different colored border? I don’t know, but I like their idea and think they could do something simple like that.

Whaddya think?


Why even go through the trouble of designing a new Tyrande… it’s literally a skin which most people already have (for free…). Not to mention this is another punishment for newer players. Don’t we already see that in order to keep this game alive we cant just rely on older players? (Game is already lenient enough towards older players since its TCG)


If most people already had it, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation, lol

I’m not talking about designing a whole new hero, did you not read the entire post?



Considering when other forums were “updated” they brought over the more recent threads (two or more weeks worth at least), it’s interesting that this and other hot topics got “forgotten.”

I’m sure it was just an “oversight” just like the radio silence we’re getting on the topic…

If it were that, they would have said by now. If it were NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) they would have said by now. To give some perspective on this, we know more about next gen agreements and hanky panky between real life people that have NDAs than we do about a two year old hearthstone promotion.

A containment thread (this), and the radio silence on the subject, which is what they’ve done aside from the generic and vague reassurances and no real movement on the subject. I mean, two years worth of “discussions” they’re supposedly having behind the scenes on the subject (which of course they won’t give any details on) doesn’t actually move the ball forward on this.

So we sit here, spinning our wheels while nothing gets done.

The situation is completely unacceptable.


Malfurion never said that! It was an illusion created by Xavius.


I do not think this fixes one of the issues, with the fact that some country did not even get the chance to get her.
One of the big things about tyrande is its a few issues. one of the major ones was that its region exclusive.
Second she is a huge part of the story, and a iconic character that people would want over a new character they may have no connection with.
Blizzard has left the first so long, that the second has become a bigger issue.
Now if the regions missing her, get her now players who are newer to the game will be confused as to why they cannot get her at the same time.

It seems this is the new blizzard, just brush it under the rug until its a bigger problem than it would have been.
Work it out and give it as another twitch reward if they must, and send codes out for players that are in country that do not have access to that is the best option for players i think.


I’d love for another chance to get this hero. I wasn’t around when she was and I really don’t like Anduin.


Glad that the thread came back to life here! Sadly, we probably won’t get the blue support here.


Well the year of the dragon is a good excuse for blizzard to launch TWO new heroes, Those users who got region locked for the twich promo can get tyrande via quest, also a new Warrior or hunter hero would seem fair for everyone else. since these are the classes that have less alt heroes, those who already have tyrande can USE THE NEW legendary reroll option


I gave the same idea on the old Tyrande thread! :smiley:


I belive we all fans of Tyrande want the light of elune so badly that we think alike… hahahaha <3


I actually didnt knew about this, This is why I have become a more frecuent reader of the forums, So thanks for sharing those great news. It really lits my hope up!


I was wondering few days ago. Why the Hearthstone promotions happen so rarely? Twitch Prime deals happen once per two months or something with games as popular as Hearthstone.


Maybe Blizz is kinda out of ideas regarding hearthstone reward via twich, You know a new hero every month? free card packs? they need to think a lot. Also I herd around that the tyrande/twich thing was kind of a big mess, and theyre still trying to fix it up, due to the huge ammount of people who only suscribed to twich prime just solely for the reward, also lets remember all those guys who used VPNs and stole credit card data to achieve this


Well, it was well known that you can cheat out the way to her but what kind of fair player would do that? I don’t want to basically do something illegal and get me banned.