Rise of Shadows Q&A - April 22, 2019

So are you going to yet again ignore answering about the possibility of a rerelease of Tyrande. Please, all we want is a yes or no answer.


Khadgar as well. Since this is RoS, and we have Khadgar as minion, why can’t we also get him as Hero?


“If” the tournement mode comes out would you consider implementing a build your own format mode?

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We already got 9 more deckslots during the YotK, we don’t really need more. I understand if you want them though.

I noticed that you guys said you don’t have a problem with Elys on ladder. But its not making for a very fun game as a control player. I heavily appreciate the valuegame that has been added back with the removal of DKs and other sources of infinite resources, but I, and other control players are not a big fan of Elysiana. Matches can and will be decided on who can shuffle in more Elys (an arms race) or whoever has the better luck with her.

Can you go into more detail in why you believe shes not a problem on ladder? Its not very fun having to run her in every control deck as a tech to herself, and I think shes particularly toxic for the health of the game.


We’d love to bring back the Tyrande alternate hero and things like missing Card backs. It’s one of the most asked for things from the community. It’s frustrating knowing you missed out on something while you were away or before you started playing Hearthstone. We’re working on the right way to get them in to your hands. :smiley:


Thank you for this reply, this makes me happier than I was.

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I can agree with giving out hero skins for the collectors but card backs shouldn’t, they should remain as a reward to people who played during that time and shouldn’t be given away to all the whales.


This is something we’ve been discussing on the art side as well - general things like what do those medium- and long-term rewards look like, more specific ones like what would be an awesome 1000 wins reward, etc.


Yet we still can’t buy wild packs in the in-game store? :frowning:


While some people might find the concept of thief priest to be annoying (although it would also seem that rez priest has already bitten that bullet any way :rofl: ) I was wondering if Team 5 would ever consider pushing the archetype further than it has been in recent sets. It seems to me as though the idea of thief priest has been teased quite a bit recently but it hasn’t fully been explored and I do believe that there are many players out there that would like such an archetype :slight_smile:

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Hmm, that’s promising. State a date or how we will get Tyrande. Then, I will trust in you fully because this is not the answer that community wants to hear. Rather, it was the same answer given around 2 years ago.


If you have a full collection and play multiple decks in wild and standard 18 deck slots just isn’t enough. Personally I have to make a tough decision each time i want to play something’s new in either game mode “which one of my fun or competitive decks do I want to delete just to test out some jank”.

I’m not meaning to compare HS to MTG:A but you can make something like 50 or so decks. It’s nice to be able to pull out a deck you made at the beginning of the expansion and still be able to make new decks on top of that.


What exactly is the flavour of a hero card “replacing” your hero?

It made sense for deathknights and Jarraxus, much less so with Dr. Boom, Zul’jin or Hagatha


I think it could be something as simple as updated hero portraits of the vanilla characters.

1000 = New Jaina

1500 = Golden version of new Jaina.

And so on for every class. Something of the sort would work out because if you simply just recreate the portraits, new players can see that it’s the same character and hero power and easily identify the characters.


When will the details for the RoS single player content be announced?


Since we have an artist reading as well, is there a chance that we could possibly get full-art legendaries in the future? Not for every new expansion, but for more well known classic/basic sets.


Or missed out completely because it wasn’t offered to some countries at all. You’ve been promising “other methods of obtaining tyrande for those who weren’t included” for about 2.5 years now. “Working on it” doesn’t cut it after this long.


I don’t think I’ll be getting a response to this, but could we please get a little more than “we’d like to work on that at some point.” I’ve played the game for almost 5 years (spending WAAAY more than I care to divulge) and I’ve heard that so many times I can’t even count.

Q: Can we get old portraits / cardbacks?
A: Something we’d like to do, but need to find out the right way.

Q: Can we get new game modes?
A: Something we’d like to explore more. We know how bad the community wants this, so we’d like to look into that more.

Q: Can we get more rewards to incentive long term players to keep playing?
A: That’s something we would like to do and will be looking into.

In 5 years, I would have hoped to have seen at least a little progress towards these items/desires.

But anyway, on to a question I hope you can answer. Is there any fear from the development side about the reliance on random effects? It’s super not fun to play a game for 10+ minutes and then have the outcome decided by a highroll situation?



Another „old“ question here: as a big fan of lore it kind of bothers me that some key figures dont have their special voice lines:
For example:
Grommash- garrosh
Sylvanas- Alleria- Valeria
Uther- Arthas

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