Standard Meta Update (2/12)

Hey everyone! I spent some time today going through community feedback and interntal statistics for the Standard metagame. Wanted to share some thoughts on where we are now and where we might be headed in the near future.

Still seeing healthy fluctuation in terms of deck power levels every day. Here are some metrics for the best decks over the last four days. Data represents top 1% of players, which is approximately Rank 3 to Legend.

Feb 8

  • Quest Hunter – 55.0%

  • Aggro Warrior – 54.5%

  • Galakrond Warrior – 54.0%

  • Highlander Hunter – 53.7%

  • Mech Paladin – 52.9%

Feb 9

  • Quest Hunter – 54.2%

  • Galakrond Warrior – 54.0%

  • Highlander Hunter – 53.9%

  • Rezz Priest – 53.6%

  • Galakrond Rogue – 53.0%

Feb 10

  • Galakrond Warrior – 55.0%

  • Mech Paladin – 53.7%

  • Rezz Priest – 53.3%

  • Quest Hunter – 53.1%

  • Highlander Hunter – 52.9%

Feb 11

  • Combo Priest – 55.4%

  • Galakrond Warrior – 54.3%

  • Dragon Hunter – 54.1%

  • Mech Paladin – 53.9%

  • Quest Druid – 53.7%

Other Notes:

Aggro Shaman is performing very well, though the game sample sizes aren’t quite high enough to be able to say for sure. On 2/10, it was actually the highest win-rate deck at 55.9%. The deck has fluctuated between around 15th all the way to 1st so we imagine it’s true power level in the current meta lies somewhere in between.

Embiggen Druid continues to have a high population despite performing just above average. As far as individual card power goes, it might make more sense to start calling this deck ‘Strength in Numbers Druid’ :blush:.

The meta for lower rank players looks quite a bit different in roughly the same time period.

Here are the current top 5 decks for Ranks 10-15.

  • Mech Paladin

  • Face Hunter

  • Token Druid

  • Embiggen Druid

  • Highlander Hunter

It’s normal for metas to look differently at different levels of play, but over time we usually see a trickle down effect from the higher level of play. That is to say that the meta above will probably look closer to the top 1% meta today given enough time.

We don’t have any plans for changes on the immediate horizon, but we plan to circle back in a few weeks to see if there are any changes we want to make as a result of Galakrond’s Awakening cards or changes that might be necessary looking forward into the next expansion.

For Battlegrounds, we have a change for Floating Watcher that is planned to go out tomorrow and a larger scale update planned in the near future.

For Wild, we’re looking at some of the nerfs we made to cards that rotate into Wild with the next expansion and seeing if we want to revert any of them. Will have more updates on that soon ™. Good luck and have fun!


Can we get a wild one as well please and ty?


Beat me to it.

We have mountains on mountains of standard data, some wild stats would be nice please.

Also very excited for this, time to look at what nerfed cards are rotating and speculate. At the very least, definitely boom.


+1 for Communication.

If these type of communication becomes Consistent and Regular, it will add lot of value to this forum and players.

p.s. does anyone have references to the decklist as listed above? (including the aggro shaman)


I am surprised to see Galakrond Warrior doing so well. All the meta sites seem to place it at tier 3. Are they really that far off or did something happen to the deck in the last few days that changed its winrate?



But it won’t.


no +1 from me until it becomes a regular occurrence. Not being a prick or anything, but until we get consistent communication here, you will not get a +1 from me.


Thanks! Seeing the data an hearing your guys thoughts was really refreshing. Interesting how the decks are moving about in a positive way still.

Oooo I can’t wait to congratulate some friends of mine for being top 1%. Lol.

What a great way to end, some wild feedback. I would love to see some of the cards un-nerfed. Dr.Boom Mad Genius for sure. Gotta keep the Dr. 7 meme alive man.


Doctor 7, 7 Cost Neutral 7/7 Legendary. Battlecry - Shuffle the other 7 neutral legendary doctors into your deck. (doctor 0-6).

Doctor 0 - 0/0. Battlecry - Cast embiggen.

Doctor 1 - 1/1 Whenever you play a deathrattle or battlecry card gain +1/+1.

Doctor 2 - 2/2 Battlecry - Gain 2 armor, deal 2 damage, draw 2 cards, summon a 2/2.

Doctor 3 - 3/3 Battlecry - Gain +3/+3 for each card named a doctor that died this game. Windfury, Rush, Divine Shield

Doctor 4 - 4/4 Costs 4 less while you control a doctor. Battlecry - Restore 4 health, summon 4 1/1s, and tracking for 4 cards in stead of 3.

Doctor 5 - 5/5 Battlecry - Shuffle 5 treasures into your deck and then cast plot twist.

Doctor 6 - 6/6 Deathrattle - If 6 other doctors died this game you win the game and 6 copies of a random card in the opponents collection.


For Wild, we’re looking at some of the nerfs we made to cards that rotate into Wild with the next expansion and seeing if we want to revert any of them. Will have more updates on that soon ™. Good luck and have fun!

This is incredible! Thank you so much. I would be thrilled if someday you could give all nerfed cards ever a once-over to see if any of them might be fine in today’s Wild. Yogg comes to mind, and if you reverted Spirit Claws I’d finally have a reason to play Odd Shaman :slight_smile:

Nerf Open the Waygate


You trademarked “soon”?!

Make Mad Genius 7 mana again. He’s nowhere near Gul’dan level of power.

Also consider Raiding Party. With Preparation nerfed it’s not as strong as it was during release.


OK this looks promising !!! I like it !!!



Very interesting. I wish you would do this once a week if you have time. It allows me to get stats straight from a dev and then try the decks with the highest winrate in the current meta and see how they perform.

My only argument is that it seems that if embiggen druid has a solid opening hand, the game is already decided very early. The same thing goes for face hunter.

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very confused by how you allow the cobalt and soul juggler to stay at 3 when it’s as powerful as watcher on 3 was… now we’re sitting on soul juggler meta and defend the cobalt…

not sure when this big update is comming but I’m totally waiting for that one, this one isnt enough for me to think it will “change” the meta.

After playing a few games before work today, you are doing something very disingenuous. You are quoting small sample sizes when talking about the “fluctuating meta”. I’m at rank 5 right now. The majority games I go against are druid, rogue, and hunter.

You completely skip over an argument of why embiggen druid is absolutely stupid to play against. I just went against someone that played quest on turn 1, double embiggen on turn 3, and then Frizz on turn 4. The following turn he had like a 9/5 nontargatable dragon on the board. Following turn he completes his quest and I’m looking at an insane untargatable taunt. Absolutely nothing I can do during that game. The game was decided during the opening hand.

That’s absolute BS. It doesn’t matter if you bring out a very small sample size to tout how diverse the meta is. Embiggen druid is still broken.


Thanks for the data peek!

Question, does this data represent an average of all servers or just a specific one? I imagine deck playrates (within respective metas) vary wildly by geographic region.

Insight about Wild is always welcome!


Regarding Wild, don’t you think it’s time to revert Yogg nerf? With all the spells in play nowadays with lots of crazy effects, it would be fun to see the old Yogg in action.
Also, stop printing resurrect cards for priest please, nerfs are not the solution, just stop printing them, thanks!


Dean u the man!
Here’s a couple wild-buffs that support deckbuilding, instead of deck-copying and just curving them out. This is bc good-draw isn’t pre-match a given on when to play it and how to, so they shouldn’t be overcosted where too much tempo is given up playing them.

Consider buffing Flare to 1 mana? Seeping Ooze is too-expensive, AND requires combo to reasonably guarantee an effect! Remember, Flare already loses to CS, the always-played Mage secret, so having it cost 1 mana at least makes it less punishing vs Mages.

For Wild Rogue, Shiv is too expensive at 2, and of course Blade Flurry is too expensive at 4 mana!

Most-wanted neutral buff: Nozdorumu, it’s 9 mana when it clearly could cost 8 and it wouldn’t affect the meta except for those 8-cost cheatout decks that aren’t a big deal outside of Rez Priest.

You can always make a thread that’s called “Most wanted wild-buffs” and see what the community drums up for you guys!

Also, would you please consider adding back in “I’m Sorry” emote and reversing the “Wow” emotes you guys swapped “I’m Sorry” with?

“I’m Sorry” was funny and made HS more fun the play than hearing your opponent FPS-style trash talk you with “Wow!”. It makes the game less-hostile when “I’m Sorry” is back in it, where the focus is on yourself and not your opponent’s class, play, deck, or whatever else “Wow” is used to you know, taunt your opponent with.