Rewards Track Update

We have been listening to your feedback regarding the Rewards Track and it’s clear we missed the mark both in how we communicated and implemented the full functionality of this first version of our rewards system.

We apologize for the confusion and disappointment we have caused.

During the natural progression of the rewards cycle, our intention was, and still is, to give out extra XP over time through a variety of ways. The aim is to help players get through the Rewards Track, or catch-up if they join later in an expansion phase, ultimately ensuring players earn more rewards.

We also didn’t provide any details for how events will link into and support the rewards system. We will be providing bonus XP for various activities at each seasonal event every expansion cycle, and any additional bonus events as needed, again with the aim of ensuring that our players obtain more rewards. Our failure to communicate these factors has led to incomplete projections, for which we apologize.

In addition, you’ve provided us with a wealth of feedback, and we agree that the pack rewards at the end of the track don’t feel appropriate for the effort it takes to get them. We’re going to adjust these rewards in the later stages of the track, swapping six packs for a total of 1350 gold that players can spend as they see fit. If any players reach this milestone before we implement these changes, they will be retroactively compensated.

Our goal for the Rewards Track continues to be that all Hearthstone players earn more gold and total rewards per expansion. We’ll continue to evaluate the impact of these changes, listen to your feedback, and iterate as needed until we get it right.

We will stay true to our word and ensure that the system lives up to what we all believe Hearthstone deserves.

Thank you,

Ben Lee
Game Director


So you’re putting the band-aid of short term events over the broken exp system and leaving the highly restrictive ranked-preferred style of the quests? You’ve done nothing.

Thinking about this a bit more, it’s also clear that the “we’ve been planning special xp events this entire time” is a complete lie. Because if that were true, we’d be having one today to celebrate the new expansion launch as well as entice players to come back.


what about the fact that your bpass is overpriced compared to other bpasses?


So you offed up and now you’re adding something new to try and save face, while also not letting anybody project actual outcomes from it to see if it’s actually better or not. Lol


dude it’s literally free, just don’t buy the cosmetics


XP generation is still way too slow, and relying on a time-based system for XP in games is terrible. Swapping packs at the end of the track with gold doesn’t even come close to fixing the problem.


Just not enough.

It isn’t a objective fix and this is why anyone that stops ranting with just this is dumb.


This is pathetic…


Like I thought, Blizz will make bonus xp events.
The new track might still be in our favour, though many players’ dislikes for the xp gaining system haven’t been adressed.

No, I think it was very well in their intentions to offer some xp events; the outrage of the community will guarantee that we get reasonable xp events (very good ones even).

7 skins each for 3 euros^^


At this point im more concerned with how these new quests will be gatekeeping players from xp.

If you are an only BG or Duels Or Arena player you will still have to win 7 ranked matches to complete the most lucrative weekly quest , not even play but WIN.
There are other weeklies that could probably use a bit of loosening (ending a 4 win arena for example) but at least those are reroll-able.

Also not a single comment about the many players that have literally their quests not appear this last reset? or any of the other bugs this patch brought up.

Im happy for more xp/better rewards but imo the patch brought some other issues that seem to be overlooked.


Slight progress I guess? Still doesn’t address the slow progression, the bots now rampant, the less gold obtained…even after giving the 1350.

Funny how this forum is automatically logging people out…

You don’t want people seeing all these threads on the issues?

“Focus on buying our cards today” - Blizzard


Eh, bandaid fix. Nothing really changed.

Nice effort but it looks like we won’t really see any changes until maybe next year at best.


im sorry but you missed to andress multiple other things.
you missed how illogical it is to give peopel quest to finish an arena or battlegrounds game with a certain postition.
you missed how buggy this system seems to be since multiple people missed out on quest by not getting them.
you missed to adress th that the exp values the devs claimed are at work , were unrealistic and proven wrong
you missed how illogical it is to farm achievements for the expected reward
you missed how to adrees why the battlepass is not included in the megabundle even tho the last mega bundle included an item called tavern pass

and i dont see any form of compensation for it in any form which would be adequat for this whole fiasco


No news on the players that didn’t receive the weeklies quest? When are we getting compensation for that?


Its not a fix its there “first version” of rewards system.
In other words they did this on purpose.
Solem was right haha!


Hi Ben, I am a Hearthstone Player from Day1 open beta, that has purchased every single expansion (mega bundle) in the past. This is the first time for so many years I wont do that, simply because of this new system that is even less rewarding than the previous one and the fact that players don’t get the full value out of the game (=battle pass) for 80 euro. Hope that you will hear my Voice with that, because it hurts quite a bit, not to open 100+ packs on the expansion release today.


How much bonus xp are you approximately planning to give us?


Really? This kind of responses that doesn’t change anything just make me feel angrier than I was before. These problems right now are just the “last straw” of the big picture. As said above, many other things needed to be adressed and it wasn’t.

You are missing it. We are losing it.


Thanks for addressing this Ben; I have some additional concerns regarding the “seasonal events” though:

  • These sound similar to the seasonal events that already existed with legendary quests. The rewards from those were always in addition to normal play compensation, so including them in a discussion about normal play compensation doesn’t seem appropriate.

  • Since one of the goals of the rewards track was to allow players more flexibility in the way they play, it seems odd to tie a significant part of the reward structure into limited time events when some players may not be able to participate.

Thanks again for listening to the feedback and for your thoughtful response.


Sooo, the most heard complain is about the levels in the track requiring to much exp, and Heartstone being more expensive then it ever was. (Espacially since there is a new mini expansion) AND THE ONLY CHANGE: Change the rewards at the end of the track form packs to gold…

This “fixes” such a minor thing that most players WILL NOT BENEFIT from.