Regarding Unauthorized Bots

We’ve seen some frustration recently with increased bots in some aspects of Hearthstone. We take botting very seriously; we hear you and we’re acting on it.

We’ve seen a marked increase in third-party botting over the past several months. We already do regular, massive ban waves for bots, and we’re working to scale up our response to match the influx of new bot accounts. So far this year we’ve banned hundreds of thousands of accounts for botting—and we’re ramping up our efforts. We also have people working on solving this problem on a systematic level.

We can’t share more at this time. We have a general policy against explaining our cheating investigations or actions, because we have found that every time we share information about the process, that just helps the cheaters get more sophisticated, making the problem worse in the long run.

You can continue to help by using the in-game reporting function to report suspected bots. It helps us track down and eliminate these accounts. Another way you can help is by stomping these bots whenever you face them on the ladder. While you do that, know that we’re fighting them right alongside you.


Since there are also Blizzard Bots to help new players and those with a low MMR it would be helpful to mark them as such.

Like for example giving their names a blue font or something like that.


How to take the players for idiots, the main concern of the players is the balancing of the game because yes your game is just a big trash, the bots are blizzard bots so stop taking people for idiots.


“We take botting very seriously; we hear you and we’re acting on it.”

LMFAO! Total BS! I’ve been reporting the same bots for years, first via the hacks email address, and then via the in game reporting feature once that was added. Nothing is ever done. I still get matched up with the same bots on a daily basis. You clowns need to stop spending all your time thinking up more ways to suck $$$ out of our wallets and actually spend some time on fixing your game!


There are more bots because there are less people playing this game.


I made no claim, only a suggestion.

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this quote system quoted the wrong post again

did you check the battletags ? i stopped seeing them now but the DK bots with the same deck and same name dissapeared over a month ago the had many players namded “ccv” which were all bots with different battletag number


Yes. I have been seeing most of them for years. Between bots, @^^hole loser ropers/AFKs, and nonstop stupid aggro crap, there are almost no playable games in Wild.


Botting was never taken seriously by blizzard since day one of WoW. The problem is present in world of warcraft for years and years and years. Now it’s HS turn.

So don’t expect us to believe your saying, we’ve been lie about bot solution for over a decade now. Blizzard literally never did a single action that have a real positive impact to counter botting.

Fix the problem and AFTER I’ll believe you. Otherwise it’s just an other lie.


Yeah… or… hear me out… get rid of the bots completely.


LMFAO!Without these robots, our matchmaking process would take 5 minutes or even longer.What you guys should really focus on is making the game more fun, so you can pull in more real players to join the fun.


I probably wouldn’t mind completing quests and getting a few ranked wins against SleepyTurtle and GnomePants - if they played better.

When they are buffing my minions with the Priest location and just hurling random spells for no reason, it’s just dumb. I’ll wait another minute if the game is that dead.


those are blizzard bots not player bots and you want them removed to farm casual or new players again dont you

for the rest of us blizzard bots go unnoticed after a few games

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I mean if our feedback and report feature helps then add email notification, when some of these bots get banned so we could see this report feature actually works. Because every time I report an obvious bot there’s no indication that it did at least something.

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Yes it says bot not authorized while you have blizzard bots, blizzard must lead by example and well no they don’t even apply their own rule. If blizzard bot so players can bot (in my company it is forbidden to smoke and yes the CEO does not smoke in the company yet he is a smoker because he applies the rules he has established).

So you’re saying you want to start fighting your own? Cause your actions or better lack of actions doesn’t seem to be that different from their behaviour. Maybe start fixing yours first before tackling the other issues?

it’s not the same and i think 99% of people realize it.

Blizzard bots dont gain advantage , don’t farm gold and sell accounts, don’t make opponent lose extreme amounts of time like the old warrior armor up full time rope where you was forced to concede or a extra long 30+ min waiting game , dont abuse like in the past where APM (action per minute) decks was possible and only bots could abuse it becouse they was skipping animations.

But since blizzard can’ hide his bots becouse you can detect them by names , plays , the fact they dont appear in current/recent player list , etc. is better to cleary show a icon or like someone said a special colour name so all player know they are not facing a real opponent.

Another good idea is to place a checkbox in the options with something like " avoid bots " with a description that tells you " this may result in longer queue times or difficult games " .
So when a player start the queue the client sends “bot yes/ bot no” and server know what to do.


I’m glad there’s finally communication. Hate the feeling that reporting does nothing.


Appreciate the communication, but can you seriously stop using bots yourself? It just makes the game feel more dead than it is.