Update on Actions Against Unauthorized Bots—October 2023

Back in August, we gave you an update on our increased actions against bots this year. As promised, we’ve kept up that fight, and we wanted to give you a quick update on how it’s going.

In August and September, we banned 66,945 more bot accounts. That number is just the accounts banned for bot activity, not including other actions like inappropriate names or in-game language violations. We continue to evolve our methods and act against these types of unauthorized bots, and will continue taking regular action against them.


I’m glad this is something…but wow it feels like things are addressed so slowly. We have had bots for years.

Also didn’t the team add bots to the game to improve queue times and for lower ranks?

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your games are full of bots, d2r is ruined by bots and you are dont care


Why would you say this?

They just showed that they care.

This is probably just the tip of the iceberg. These days, I play against as many players with gibberish names like Asddgss (name structures typical of sold bot accounts) as I do players with legible names in BGs, Arena, and Standard.


There’s bots all the way to legend. Official hearthstone bots, and they have insane decks most of the time.


Thanks for the update.

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This is hilarious. Not that there are so many bots in hearthstone, but funny that there were so many people adamant that bots didn’t exist.

But in all seriousness you guys also need to step you your communication when it comes to issues such as these. Your communications skills are very lacking in engaging with the people that keep you in business.


SO this is what google translate said you said…

Look back at your mother’s August. Your mother is dead. Stupid Blizzard has thrown your mother Blizzard’s ancestral grave into a cesspit. A bunch of ba******. Damn you maggots. You must die, you mutts. Just be a dog to Nico. Take the life of a dog.

Throw your mother’s ancestral grave as a cesspool. Throw your mother’s ancestral grave as a cesspool. Throw your mother’s ancestral grave as a cesspit. Throw your mother’s ancestral grave as a cesspool. Throw your mother’s ancestral grave as a cesspit. Throw your mother’s ancestral grave as a cesspool. Throw it into a cesspit

I’m guessing you must of had bot accounts.

And who is Nico?


Nico is a brand of hamburger-meat cookers, usually seen in the kitchens of places such as Dairy Queen. (Its like a flame cooker with a metal conveyor belt to move the meat from one end to another, kinda like a Pizza oven but much smaller).

And as we know that Dairy Queen is the home of the Peanut-Buster Parfait and Peanut-Buster Blizzard. The only known restaurant to have the term “…nut-Buster” on their menus.

And right now I imagine that whoever this person was complaining about Blizzard in their language must be feeling their own “…nut-buster” if they did indeed own and operate a bot in the game and were recently banned. lol.

Today I would prefer a patch, but bot banning I guess, is also welcome.

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Yeah, or since they banned Jailer until fixed… they could do that to Yogg also… right? But they won’t do it because “gathering data” first… :slight_smile:

It’s good to hear that there are active efforts being taken against unauthorized bots. Unfortunately, banning alone doesn’t solve the problem. I play a lot of casual games myself, and about 99% of the players are bots. Occasionally, there’s a break for a few hours, and you encounter real players for example after an update or after a bannwave. This suggests that their process is fully automated, and you need to find a way to disrupt this automation, for example, by implementing a CAPTCHA check after a certain number of games. Such methods have proven effective in combating bots.

Were the “official blizzard bots” part of this ban wave?


Still playing a substantial amount of bots in Diamond this morning so :person_shrugging:

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Are you following their advice when you do?

Continuing the discussion from How to Report Hacks/Exploits/Cheating:

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And the amount of bots in game noticed by players dropped not one bit.

Expecting people to get excited when you have flooded the game with your own bots, and lied about how long the botting problem has been an issue (it’s been YEARS, not “months”) only shows how out of touch the devs who refuse to even post here anymore are.

No, spin and caring are two different things.

The difference between actual caring and empty words is the difference between having company bots in the game and not.


Very much this.

The day they deliver on the lie of “improved communication” is the day cold fusion takes us to Mars and we find the cure to world hunger, disease and child poverty.

If only.


Can Blizzard’s team please target the even shaman bots in wild specifically in their quest for fighting the bot invasion? A vast majority of legend in wild is even shaman bots which truly ruins the hearthstone experience for thousands of players.

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Player bot = bad.
Overlord blizbot = good?

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