28.2 Known Issues

After a short delay, Patch 28.2 is now live on all devices. Come celebrate Battlegrounds Season 6 in the Spellslinger’s Saloon, a new Shop layout, and more!

The following are some of the known issues we’re tracking this patch:

  • [Shop] Some players are reporting that they see a notification in the shop that they can’t dismiss if they already purchased all products from that section.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] Some players are reporting that Greedy Partner did not work for them if they Shadowstepped and replayed it. Update 2: This issue applies to all the “Partner” cards. We’ve released a small server patch that included a bug fix for Greedy Partner. The other Partners are to be fixed in another patch, coming soon.
  • [Progression] Players who were in a match when the “Wanted, Dead or Alive!” event ended may be missing the Journal icon in the main hub. A client restart after the end of the event should resolve this issue.
  • [Resolved] [Progression] Some players are reporting odd timing for achievement/quest progression.
  • [Resolved] [Progression] Players who were in Apprentice Ranks prior to Patch 28.2, placed into the new Apprentice Track with 28.2, and completed the new Apprentice Track are reporting that, when they return to the normal Rewards Track, it appears that their progress was only partially saved. Update: Players have been restored to their proper spot on the Rewards Track.
  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] Togwaggle’s hero power can’t be used on a Tavern that is full of only spells.
  • [Added 12/6] [Shop] Some players are reporting that they are unable to access the shop on their first time opening the client after downloading the patch. The issue seems to be with data still downloading from the patch in the background, and the issue seems to be resolved by just restarting the client once the download is complete.
  • [Partially Resolved] [Progression] The team is investigating reports of players having issues if they complete the Apprentice Track without completing the Tavern Guide.
  • [Added 12/13] [Hearthstone] Spurfang fails to summon a minion when it gets to over 10.
  • [Added 12/19] [Battlegrounds] Bazaar Dealer will have the wrong health when Golden in patch 28.2.3. This will be corrected in an upcoming patch.
  • [Resolved] Barrel of Sludges are still dealing 3 damage when exploding (destroy/discard). The team is working on a quick update to correct this.
  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] Imprisoner was updated to a 3/2 in patch 28.2.3.
  • [Added 12/20] [Hearthstone] School Teacher’s Nagalings are struggling to learn Misfire (it has no effect when played). The team is hiring special tutors.

Hero Pool and Minion Pool changes

  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] We’re temporarily removing Ambassador Faelin from the hero pool while we investigate a bug where Strike Gold would cause Faelin’s Gold to lock up. Strike Gold? More like Stuck Gold.
  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] We’re temporarily removing Cariel Roame from the hero pool while we investigate a bug with hero power upgrades.
  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] We’re temporarily removing Titus’s Tribute and Upper Hand from the Tavern Spell pool while we investigate bugs causing crashes.
  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] We’re temporarily removing Tae’thalan Bloodwatcher from the Hero Pool due to power level concerns. It will be returned once it has been re-balanced in an upcoming patch.
  • [Added 12/19] [Battlegrounds] Staff of Enrichment is giving the wrong buff and will be temporarily removed from the Tavern Spell pool until it is fixed.
  • [Added 12/19] [Battlegrounds] Paint Smudger is being temporarily removed from the minion pool due to a bug with its effect.
  • [Added 12/20] [Battlegrounds] We’ve temporarily removed Infinite Toki, Queen Azshara, and Aranna Starseeker from the hero pool due to a bugged interaction.

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28.2.2 Patch Notes

We’ll update this post throughout the patch, as we get more information.


There is a notification in the Battlegrounds collection that there is a new board in the collection but there is none.

The “red 1” did not go away with the new patch.


Helveria’s hero power still lacks her animation and uses basic DH one (the animation after using it that should look simmilar to her entrance animation).

Blood-Queen Lana’Thel lacks animation of her golden Hero Power’s art like it was in case with Omen last few patches (which got fixed this patch, but Lana’Thel has the same problem for 2 patches).

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if you are tracking this down , this problem was present before the 28.2 patch , i noticed it yesterday , and there are at least 2 forum reports in the past …


Was going through Apprenticeship so I waited to finish it with the new system, finished it just now and my tavern pass progress is gone. I bought it early on my fresh account so I could get some gold with xp boosts, what is going on? My tavern pass is now level 1 despite being level 40 before the update.


Ditto on the Greedy Partner bug
Turn 4

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This also happens on mobile. All items have been clicked on but the exclamation mark remains.

On PC however the exclamation mark vanishes as it should.

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Chaos Gazer is still bugged and players are still abusing it. C’Thun skin still has voice lines for Choose One cards only work when you play them with both effects combined.
Ban the card. Acknowledge the cosmetic bug. It’s that simple. You wanna write patch notes about how you don’t feel like spending time fixing bugged cards? Aigh. Don’t. Just ban them and fix them in half a year. No one will mind.

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Slitherspear, Lord of Gains, does not appear to work with Tavern spells and does not buff nagas at end of turn for each different spell cast.



I hope the bug with shadowstep + greedy partner will be fixed asap. This interaction literally kills the wishing well deck which is already poor.


living horizon not being resurrected when playing TYR : Battlecry: Resurrect a 2, 3, and 4-Attack Paladin minion.
This happened to me today, only got 2 minions of 2 and 3 attack resurrected, there were plenty of space on board.
Please check it

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I believe Greedy Partner dosent check for another 2 cost but for 2 2 cost cards in your hand. Thats why it dosent give a coin when you shadowstep him while holding only one 2 cost card.

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Other partner cards also don’t work with shadowstep:

  • [Progression] Players who were in Apprentice Ranks prior to Patch 28.2, placed into the new Apprentice Track with 28.2, and completed the new Apprentice Track are reporting that, when they return to the normal Rewards Track, it appears that their progress was only partially saved. The team is investigating, but this is believed to be a visual-only issue and that progress has been preserved.

Progress is completely canceled and begins to accumulate again, rewards have already been received.



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I have noticed when friendly or enemy minions get sent to either players hand, the translation phase from board to card go to a 0/0 white screen. Is this normal?

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