28.2 Known Issues

Is it a bug or oversight that Twist decks are no longer available in the shop even though the decision was made to extend the season?

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I found another bug. When someone enters a battle as Thorim, its animation is not matching up with the sounds. When I last entered a battle, the sound came on before Turpin was introduced and all I saw was the welcome to battle animations. Please fix thorim so that the sounds are in sync with the welcome to battle animation. Put this under Hearthstone.

On another note. Another issue. People still cannot scroll all the way down the battlegrounds achievement list to see which people still have achievements to be completed. Fix that too and put it under Achievements.

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There was a progression bug near the end of the “Wanted: dead or alive” Event, the last 2 days of quests didn’t count for people who completed them

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If you play in a Mac, the game crashes, it doesn’t even start. :frowning:
I don’t know what else to do.

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I’m glad that you decided to let us keep playing twist these next few months, but as has been mentioned before, it’s annoying that only standard boards are available for a format that’s about older sets (and sometimes also standard sets, like in the beta season). Right now though, even if it’s somehow hard to make a game board list for sets up through Journey to Un’Goro Crater, could you please at least change it to use the list of all wild boards, so that we don’t have to keep using the same 6 new ones over and over? If you don’t fix it before the new standard year, there will only be 4 boards at a time, which will be even more annoying. I’m not sure why this bothers me, as it wasn’t a problem for me back in Classic, but those boards just seemed more relaxing for some reason, in terms of both appearance and music. I do find the TITANS board’s appearance and music relaxing, but I find some of the other boards mildly garishly distracting for some reason. I know that shouldn’t make sense. I’m not sure if it has to do with the saturation of certain colors, but I find most of the standard boards to be slightly unpleasant to look at for extended periods of time, despite each looking good in a vacuum. (Obviously, the people who do play standard must not have a problem with this combination of boards, so it’s likely that I’m the only one who finds them collectively bothersome in this way, but still, we shouldn’t be stuck with these standard boards in twist.) You were able to switch Duels to using all wild boards, right? Could you please change the board list for twist?

As an aside, this wasn’t a bug, but I was surprised to learn this year that they removed the Classic boards from standard in 2021. I know that they replaced the Classic set with the core set at that point, but there are still several classic things in the core set, and the year of the Griffon was the Horde and Alliance rivalry year. I’m sure that someone else has pointed this out in the past two and a half years, but that seems like a really odd time to remove the faction capitals and Stranglethorn Vale, which was known for faction vs. faction conflict, especially since the Classic boards were all nice and relaxing boards which people have enjoyed since the game came out. Aside from Pandaria, they were also pretty evergreen locations in the World of Warcraft, with one just looking like a jungle and the other two being the faction capitals. I’m surprised that people want to be stuck with 4-6 boards per year, considering that there were people who said that they were very happy when the Curse of Naxxramas board and boards from later sets started to be added, due to having been getting mildly bored of boards from lack of variety, before that point. My opinion on standard’s board list definitely doesn’t matter as I only play standard when I have the extra time to make exceptionally weak decks of only standard cards, like making decks for each class with all of the commons or rares of a set once I’ve collected them all. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time for this since 2020, and I’m not entirely sure when I’ll return to the low ranks of standard at this time, so as I said, my opinion doesn’t really matter for the standard board list. I’m just saying that as someone who would rather play with a wide variety of boards, (even if I’ve seen some countless times over the years,) rather than a small number of new boards that I haven’t been familiar with for long, (but will see multiple times each day,) I’m just a bit surprised that it was decided that four boards should be removed from the ranked/casual format with the fewest boards.

bugs i’ve encountered in 5 games today

#1 3 mana hunter weapon lowered cost of a beast by 2 as it should, but did not dredge it. next time i used weapon charge again, the same beast was still at the bottom, but this time discounted (had only 1 in deck anyway so it’s not the same one)

#2 6 mana hunter dude nathanos didn’t trigger spurfang (new hunter legy)

Barrel of Sludge doesn’t trigger with old cards that destroy the deck, including :
-Void Contract
-Hemet, Jungle Hunter

Not tested with Altar of Fire

After a Tie in Duels mode I was sent back to the Build deck screen and now i cant finish a deck to play again, and cant retire either.

The lag spikes from excavate cards have gotten better, but they are not fully gone.
Especially after playing multiple games that manage to get the fourth excavation reward, the performance issues start ramping up again.

just for curiosity , the tie happened on first game ??

If you are locked and it’s a free duel i read a developer say that support ticket can now force retire duels ( if you dont want to wait normal bug fixing times )

if it is a paid duel i don’t know if they can give you a tavern pass as a refund you should ask before.

I’m in the situation where I had progressed pretty far in the badlands track but was still apprentice.

Now I’m in the new apprentice track and am 1 level away from completing it.

Should I wait for the bug to be fixed before completing the new apprentice track?

I’m worried I’ll lose all the progress I’d made on the badlands track prior to the update.

Edit: nvm I see in the OP it’s been resolved. Thank you!

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I played patchwerk one game and it destroyed deathbringer saurfang on board but then the other two destroys(hand and deck) didnt trigger at all.

Partners are still bugged as of 28.2.1

More than a month later the log-in problem in mobile that forces to change region is not only not solved (which may happen), but also still not added to any know issues list, after multiples reports and requests. If I were @gnomesayin I genuinely would be ashamed, but he seems immune to that feeling.

Found another bug but this time for Lord Godfrey Hero for warlock. After his name is called by the Innkeeper, his opening animation is great but the sound did not match. That sound matches the opening sound of Magical Guardian Elise. Please Fix Godfrey’s opening sound so it is unique like everything else.

Has there been any change in the reward for hero return missions? The hero return mission that I haven’t completed has changed the reward from gold coins and chasing cards to only 3 chasing cards, without gold coins

[Battlegrounds] Tide Oracle Morgl (tier 7 murloc) buffs a minion in hand only once per combat after killing an opponent minion. Even if it survives and kills multiple minions, buff to minion in hand triggers only the first time.

Tested under different scenarios: Tide Oracle Morgl having a divine shield for example, surviving multiple hits after buffs, and having multiple minions in hand which could be buffed.

Sorry, not sure if this is the right place to post this but I encountered a bug. I played against a ghost that I was clearly going to beat and the game just stopped mid combat and I got 4th place.

I’m having troubles in mercenaries game mode, even though I have met the requirements for unlocking some characters abilities/trinkets they are not unlocking and I am just amassing coins for the characters without anyway to use them. This has been an issue for a over two months now, please fix. I have looked in my achievements to get the trinkets but it says I’ve completed it and have the reward even though I do not.

can you PLEASE fix the german texts on the cards in Battlegrounds?
there are ATLEAST 5 cards (2 new and 1 old undead card, banana slammer etc)
which cardtexts are completely wrong and misleading.