28.2.2 Patch Notes

Patch 28.2.2 is a server-side hotfix patch, rolling out now with the following updates:

Battlegrounds Updates

General Updates

We have adjusted turn times to be slightly shorter in the early game to minimize idle playtime and to be slightly longer in the late game to account for the current metagame. We will keep an eye on these and continue to iterate on them in the future.

Armor Updates

The following heroes now have less Armor:

  • Lich Baz’hial has 5 Armor.

  • Snake Eyes and Tae’thelan Bloodwatcher have 6 Armor.

The following heroes now have more Armor:

  • Infinite Toki now has 13 Armor.

  • Lord Barov now has 14 Armor at higher ranked lobbies, still has 19 Armor at lower ranked lobbies.

  • Kurtrus Ashfallen, Deathspeaker Blackthorn, and Vol’jin now have 15 Armor at all ranks.

  • Fungalmancer Flurgl now has 16 Armor at higher ranked lobbies and 12 Armor at lower ranked lobbies.

  • Dinotamer Brann now has 16 Armor.

  • Overlord Saurfang now has 17 Armor.

  • C’Thun now has 18 Armor at higher ranked lobbies, still has 10 Armor at lower ranked lobbies.

  • Sylvanas Windrunner, Kael’thas Sunstrider, and Ambassador Faelin now have 18 Armor.

  • The Jailer now has 19 Armor.

  • Guff Runetotem, Ragnaros, and Sneed now have 20 Armor.

Arena Adjustments

Card appearance rates have been adjusted. The general Priest class card appearance rate has been increased. Additionally, the appearance rate for certain high-impact cards was increased for Priest, Rogue, and Warlock, and was reduced for Hunter, Death Knight, Paladin, and Warrior.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Rowdy Partner and Linedance Partner’s effects wouldn’t activate after they were Shadowstepped (Greedy Partner was fixed in an earlier patch).

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Spurfang could sometimes summon an invisible minion with its Deathrattle.

  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Heistbaron Togwaggle’s Hero Power wouldn’t work on a Tavern full of Tavern Spells.

  • [Progression] Fixed a bug where players who finished the Apprentice Track before the Tavern Guide could get stuck in the Tavern Guide.


You guys are able to fix Reska’s hero power animation right away but apparently Halveria’s hero power is WAY too hard. This is baffling to me. It has been MONTHS

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Is Chained Omen’s “hello” voiceline still bugged to say VO_VOICELINE_HELLO in the text or whatever? That bug kinda sucked.


i found a bug yesterday with golden trickster and sire’s quest make left/right minion golden. when the trickster died, none of the health went to other minions for 1 turn. it didn’t do it again but it did once, cost me that round.

And you didn’t even bother pinning 28.2 AND 28.2.1!

Which patch is the REAL patch?!


Love the ninja nerf on dwarven archeologist thanks. And yet you keep powercreeping aggro

Some cards were nerfed, but we didn’t get full dust refund for them:

  • Trolley Problem
  • Odyn, Prime Designate
  • Asvedon, the Grandshield

[Hearthstone] The Tram Cars summoned by Trolley Problem and Tram Conductor Gerry are no longer Mechs (they don’t have a CPU).

[Hearthstone] Odyn, Prime Designate’s Battlecry effect can no longer be stacked if played multiple times.
[Hearthstone] Asvedon, the Grandshield will no longer spoil secrets.

Nerf Paladin you sick developers!!! This is an outrage. Broken meta :heart:

Why am I an old player returning? Where did the return mission go? That’s where the hero returned to this mission

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I am still stuck in the Tavern Guide, what should I do? I don’t seem to be the only one either.