Battlepass track reset after patch

Made it to rank 42 in the Tavernpass while in apprentice, however after patch when completing the new apprentice ranks it is making me re-do all progress in the Tavernpass without rewards. I have unlocked rank 42, however it says I am rank 14. I got no reward for rank 14, nor will I for 15 and any rank till 42.

Edited: Changed battlepass to tavernpass.

Image linked below.
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battlepass reset today. you need to buy new one to get paids rewards. can still get the free ones though.

The Tavern pass, not the battlegrounds one.

my apologies. i misread.

This is a current bug.

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It is not visual only. I completed all daily and weekly quests and didn’t progress my old level before the update and didn’t get any new rewards.

Hey I’m just curious what is the apprentice track? Is this updated every new season?

For new players to earn fast rewards.

It’s a 25 level “Tavern Pass” that took the place of Apprentice Ranks.

You get 2 battle-ready decks from completing it all, and start the timer for a 3rd one which is a Loaner deck so you have to wait 7 days after completing to get.

Also you get close to 20 Packs, most of them Standard ones and some Catch-Up Pack also.

After completing it you become Bronze 10 and have some additional Quests to get like 3 - 4 more Catch-Up Packs, can’t remember exactly.

That’s what the new player experience is now, you get like 14000 dust worth of stuff.


I accidentally picked skip novice option as it seemed I was locked in that screen. So does that mean I cannot access these rewards?

Yep, you can’t access them so depending on your situation you might want to consider making a new account to get the rewards.

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