Greedy partner not giving coin if played after shadowstep

Playing miracle rogue ang partner just doesnt work now

They are working on a fix.

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Also happening when it’s generated from Fool’s Azerite. Just screwed me over :frowning:

Hi, I had two games in a row where Greedy Partner did not work (providing a coin) after being shadowstep’d

Im facing this issue 2 days for now. Partners battlecry didnt even work without shadowstep, only placing it and didnt give a coin. With several 2 mana cards in hand. Sadly, that happening right after i`ve crafted a miracle rogue

It looks like these cards are both not working if their cost is reduced, whether that reduction is from Shadowstep, Azerite Chunk or Fool’s Azerite.

The text says If you’re holding ANOTHER x-cost card…

But if the “partner” card doesn’t cost “x” any more, it doesn’t work.

So they nerfed greedy partner. Nice!