Tavern Pass Reset

I don’t know if there was an update or what, but it switched how everything looked and worked for apprentice progression and I overall really like it. But, after finishing the apprentice pass, I got back to the normal Tavern Pass and it’s making me start over even though I was already level 47 and I even have the checkmarks on the claimed rewards to prove it. Anyone else have this issue? I know it’s rather specific, having had to have been in apprentice when the update rolled out.

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I’ve also had this happen, I don’t want to sink time into getting catching back up to where I was :frowning:

Exactly, it’s really disheartening even with the new rewards.

This is mentioned in the patch notes.

I saw that earlier, but I’m not gaining any rewards as I play, so maybe when it’s finally fixed all the progression will update correctly?

I have the same problem, I was Level 36 and now have to start over and all my points are sinking into the low levels again. I really hope this gets fixed soon :frowning:

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They said “Update: Progress records are saved, the team is working on resolving this issue.” :slight_smile:

Same issue here! current level is 42 but now is 11 and don’t get any rewards