28.0 Updated Free Decks for New and Returning Players

The decks awarded to new and returning players will be updated with the launch of Showdown in the Badlands on November 14! New players are eligible for their free deck after completing the tutorial, the Starter Quest chain, graduating from the New Player Ranks (Ranks 40-1), and then returning to the main menu. Returning players who have been away for 90 or more days are eligible for a free deck just for logging in. Returning players can claim these returning decks each time they are eligible.

Players borrow all these decks for one week following their eligibility, so they can try them out before making their choice. It’s possible players may not see their chosen deck in their deck lists if they do not have an open deck slot when they choose their free deck. The cards in the deck (aside from the Core Set cards) will still be added to their Collections. They can clear a deck slot use the deck codes below to construct the decks.

Each deck includes the cards listed, except for the Core Set cards in them. Core Set cards are free to all players and are earned by leveling your account. Cards may be added to, or removed from, the free Core Set from time to time. Core Set cards are not a permanent part of players’ Collections.


Class: Death Knight

Infect your opponent with deadly plagues to bring about their demise! With the help of Helya, your opponent won’t be able to escape your plagues.

2x (1) Arms Dealer

2x (1) Death Growl

2x (1) Foul Egg

2x (1) Staff of the Primus

1x (2) Battlefield Necromancer

2x (2) Distressed Kvaldir

2x (2) Down with the Ship

2x (3) Chillfallen Baron

2x (3) Nerubian Vizier

2x (3) Ravenous Kraken

2x (4) Grave Strength

1x (4) Helya

2x (4) Tomb Traitor

2x (4) Yelling Yodeler

1x (8) Lord Marrowgar

1x (8) The Primus

2x (11) Chained Guardian


Titanic Traps

Class: Hunter

Set deadly traps to stop your opponent in their tracks. Close out the game with Aggramar and the power of Taeshalach!

2x (1) Arcane Shot

2x (1) Awakening Tremors

2x (1) Costumed Singer

2x (1) Ricochet Shot

2x (1) Trinket Tracker

2x (2) Cat Trick

2x (2) Conjured Arrow

2x (2) Hidden Meaning

2x (2) Silvermoon Farstrider

2x (2) Titanforged Traps

2x (3) Ancient Krakenbane

2x (4) Eversong Portal

1x (4) Halduron Brightwing

2x (5) Star Power

1x (6) Aggramar, the Avenger

2x (6) Starstrung Bow


Divine Resurgence

Class: Paladin

Summon fallen allies back to the battlefield with Tyr’s help. As the game goes on, your Golems will become unstoppable forces.

2x (1) Righteous Protector

2x (1) Sanguine Soldier

2x (1) Sinful Sous Chef

2x (2) Class Action Lawyer

2x (2) Dance Floor

2x (2) Feast and Famine

2x (2) For Quel’Thalas!

2x (2) Hand of A’dal

2x (3) Boogie Down

2x (3) Disco Maul

1x (4) Judge Unworthy

2x (5) Tyr’s Tears

2x (6) Horn of the Windlord

1x (6) Tyr

1x (7) Amitus, the Peacekeeper

1x (7) The Countess

2x (10) Lightray


Call of Thunder

Class: Shaman

Set up for a big swing turn with Flash of Lightning. Play as many Nature spells as you can before unleashing a Crash of Lightning on your enemy!

2x (1) Azsharan Scroll

2x (1) Cold Storage

2x (1) Lightning Bolt

2x (1) Lightning Reflexes

2x (1) Overdraft

2x (1) Schooling

2x (2) Ancestral Knowledge

2x (2) Flash of Lightning

2x (3) Feral Spirit

2x (3) Turn the Tides

2x (4) Bioluminescence

2x (4) Prescience

2x (5) Altered Chord

2x (5) Crash of Thunder

1x (6) Golganneth, the Thunderer

1x (9) Yogg-Saron, Unleashed


Forged Fiends

Class: Warlock

Summon massive minions from your hand or deck to copy with the Forge of Wills! Sargeras provides unending demonic power from the Twisting Nether to close out the game.

2x (1) Armor Vendor

2x (1) Tour Guide

2x (2) Defile

2x (2) Drain Soul

1x (2) Shallow Grave

2x (3) Forge of Wills

2x (3) Mortal Eradication

2x (3) Ravenous Kraken

2x (3) Scourge Supplies

2x (4) Imposing Anubisath

2x (5) Amorphous Slime

2x (5) Infantry Reanimator

1x (5) Symphony of Sins

2x (8) Twisting Nether

2x (9) Flesh Behemoth

1x (9) Sargeras, the Destroyer

1x (10) Thaddius, Monstrosity


Odyn’s Aegis

Class: Warrior

Gain tons of Armor and destroy any minions that may oppose you. Odyn will turn your defense into offense to finish off your opponent!

1x (1) Shield Slam

2x (1) Verse Riff

2x (2) Bash

2x (2) Bladestorm

2x (2) Shield Block

2x (2) Stoneskin Armorer

2x (3) Bellowing Flames

2x (3) Chorus Riff

2x (3) From the Depths

2x (3) Heavy Plate

2x (4) Craftsman’s Hammer

1x (4) Ignis, the Eternal Flame

2x (5) Bridge Riff

2x (5) Sanitize

2x (6) Trial by Fire

1x (8) Odyn, Prime Designate

1x (9) Yogg-Saron, Unleashed



Just to clarify - are these updated decks available now for eligible players, or from next week when the expansion launches?

When the expansion launches:
"The decks awarded to new and returning players will be updated with the launch of Showdown in the Badlands on November 14! "

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The paladin deck has to be a mistake, right? The deck doesn’t run either of the earthen cards yet the description talks about golems and the deck runs Tyr?

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Good call, it looks like that wasn’t updated. I’ll pass along to the team.


I will be receiving the free deck prompt tomorrow. If I did not log in until the 14th, would I be prompted to the current decks (TITANS) or the new decks (BADLANDS)? Or neither if I didn’t log in tomorrow. I don’t want to risk accidently losing out of the returning player deck rewards.

If I finish my New Player Ranks right now (4 days before the Badlands release), I suppose I can start trying Titan decks today. And in 4 days, I can try Badland decks. In another 3 days, I can choose a Badland deck. Am I right?

I’m disappointed no-one from Blizzard has answered this in 3 days. However, GnomeSayin did say this before then:

What I can tell you is that (usually) the decks available for free/ returning players can be seen by clicking “new deck”, where you can see 3 deck recipes.

The first deck is core cards only (so all cards are free anyway), and the third deck contains cards from the current expansion (TITANS in this case). The second deck never contains cards from the current expansion, and the 6 free decks offered ALWAYS (at least so far) are the second option. Note that there are 11 classes bit only 6 decks to choose from, so decks are not available for all classes.

So, while I can’t be certain… going from GnomeSayin’s comment, I would expect that if you log in now, the loaner decks will contain cards from all any standard expansions EXCLUDING the current expansion (TITANS) and obviously excluding Badlands (because they aren’t in Standard yet).

So, I would expect that if you log in now, you would be able to borrow pre-TITANS decks. However, by the time the 7 day waiting period is over, Badlands will have dropped, so you would presumably choose from one of the options in the OP.

I would expect that if you log in today, you would be able to try out the PRE-TITANS loaner decks, until the new expansion drops.

At that time, the current (pre-TITANS) loaner decks will be replaced by Pre-Badlands decks: those are the decks listed in the OP above.

Remember that free decks never contain cards from the current expansion, but as soon as Badlands drops, cards from TITANS will be available in free decks, as you can see in the OP.

I would assume that if you log in now, then by the time 7 days have passed, you would be able to choose from the pre-Badlands, decks, which contain cards from titans. However, I can’t be certain of that because I’m just a player.

TBH, this close to the new expansion, I’d probably play it safe and wait until Badlands drops before finishing the new player ranks.

Like I said, it would be nice if someone from Blizzard came in and confirmed (or refuted) this, but there you go. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Remember also that new and returning players will also receive catch up packs. You should open your catch up packs BEFORE opening anything else.


I’m not bummed out, just curious. I will login in around…the 15th since this guarantees the mark of badlands releasing. From there, I’ll come back to this post to report my findings because I doubt this is going to be the last time someone is curious about something like this. Best case scenarios: I just end up either grabbing the free titans paladin deck or badlands hunter deck. Worst case scenario: I get neither deck because it bugs out the returning player system what I’m doing.

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Plaguebringer deck doesn’t work, please fix this

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It does return the current loaner decks, so even though the decks I played were titans. When I logged back on for the final day to pick out loan deck to keep, it was badland decks.

Can we get an update on when the paladin deck will be fixed? It’s been a week since the mod post. My timer to redeem is up soon and I really want to play earthen but the current deck doesn’t work at all with tyr and no 4 atk minions in deck, tears resummoning dudes and no card draw.


Is it 90 days without logging in or last played?

I also am unable to use the DK loaner deck. I can try every other single deck besides the DK one. I’ve saw dozens of other people that are having the same exact issue with the DK loaner deck.

It allows you to que up with it but about fifteen seconds in, I gives you an error message and sends you back to the play button to restart the que.

I have tried so many things. I have a S22 ultra and have I have reset my network settings, the cache and data, un-installed and reinstalled. I have even tried on my windows 10 pc as well as my girlfriends iPhone 14 and my Samsung tablet and I just can’t get it to work. I can literally do everything else in the app but use this damn DL loaner deck. I even spent a $100 after to make sure I wasn’t like soft locked or something. No luck.

If anyone figures it out please let me know here or that reddit post that’s linked to this. Thanks

Hello, I am unable to claim my free deck for some reason. How can this be? Can someone please help me with this?

When you choose a deck in the standard menu, it should say “ends in X days/X hours” under an hourglass. You can’t claim a free deck until that timer ends.

This hasn’t been addressed. The Paladin deck is full of holes and lack of synergy. Tyr resurrects minions that have 2, 3, and 4 attack. Tyr is the only minion in the deck with 4 attack and not a single minion in it has 3 attack. The deck makes 0 sense.

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Over two weeks and Blizzard can’t fix a bad copy/paste job of the Paladin loaner deck Divine Resurgence. Come on, Blizzard, do better.

Why did the dust amount get cut by such much

Hunter deck 28.0:
2 Legendary
2 Epic

Hunter deck 27.0:
5 Legendary
2 Epic

Paladin deck 28.0:
3 Legendary
1 Epic

Paladin deck 27.0:
5 Legendary
0 Epic

Don’t even make me bring up the 26.0 Rogue deck
6 Legendary
2 Epic

and now we have Ignis substituting for an actual legendary in the warrior deck and Marrowgar does the same for the DK deck.