28.0 Known Issues

Patch 28.0 is now live, and Showdown in the Badlands is on the horizon! As we ride towards glory, we’ve picked up a few bandits (bugs) that we’re tracking here.

The following are some of the known issues we’re tracking this patch:

  • [Resolved] [Arena] Flint Firearm’s Battlecry isn’t working in Arena.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] Wicked Whispers isn’t counting as a “discard” effect.
  • [Added 11/7] [Progression] The Catch-Up Packs login reward will be granted upon login after expansion launch, not patch launch.
  • [Resolved] [Shop] The team is investigating reports of Runestone purchases not working in the Battlegrounds Shop. Battlegrounds personalized offers have been disabled while this is investigated.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] The team is digging into reports that Stick Up is able to give Rogue Drilly the Kid.
  • [Added 11/8] [Arena] Some cards are again able to Discover/generate other versions of themselves.
  • [Resolved] [Arena] The team is discussing “Secrets from the Past” cards not working as expected in Arena.
  • [Added 11/9] [Cosmetics] The Elise the Leader and Pit Boss Reska hero skins are missing their hero power animations. They are planned to be added in the next major patch.
  • [Added 11/10] [Hearthstone] The team is digging into reports of small pockets of lag while Excavating.
  • [Added 11/10] [Hearthstone] The ballad of Halveria Darkraven continues. It appears she’s into punk rock now, as she won’t comply with our attempts to fix her hero power. The team is investigating.
  • [Added 11/13] [Hearthstone] High Noon Duelist is a bit trigger happy and is destroying cards even if the DRAW is a tie.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] Reliquary Researcher needs to organize her desk. She can sometimes research up a secret you already control, resulting in two secrets not being played.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] Switching heroes (such as playing Reno) after Anachronos is played appears to be messing with the timeline, resulting in minions not returning properly from the effect.
  • [Added 11/14] [Progression] The Showdown in the Badlands Legendary Achievement is stuck at 26/27. Hold your horses on disenchanting Legendary cards–we’ll get this sorted in the next major patch.
  • [Added 11/14] [Collection] We’re investigating reports that re-roll prompts are not appearing when expected. It seems they are sometimes being delayed until the next pack opening.
  • [Re-Opened 11/30] [Hearthstone] The team is looking into reports that Spurfang sometimes doesn’t load the image of the minion summoned. It appears logging back in causes the minion to appear.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] The team is investigating reports of Signature Slagmaw the Slumbering being granted from packs and other non-BlizzCon sources. Slagmaw can now be disenchanted like other Signature cards.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] The team is aware that certain cards are able to ruin Reno, Lone Ranger’s face-off.
  • [Added 11/15] [Hearthstone] Some players are seeing incorrect text (such as “glue” and “bacon”) in the client after a new install or update. It appears that closing out the client and re-opening it after the update has finished resolves this problem.
  • [Added 11/20] [Hearthstone] Reports are indicating that Barrels of Sludge aren’t as toxic as intended–they aren’t exploding when destroyed in-deck by The Jailer, Hemet Jungle Hunter, and Void Contract.
  • [Added 11/20] [Hearthstone] The Mirage (generated by Spirit of the Badlands) is playing tricks on your eyes. It’s not supposed to get copied when Forged or Traded. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] We’re temporarily removing The Yogg-iseum from the Anomaly Pool while we investigate an issue causing particular players to not get any Yogg spins.
  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] We’ve temporarily removing Eonar’s Overgrown Arena from the Anomaly Pool due to a bug.
  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] We’ve temporarily removed Mr. Bigglesworth from the Hero Pool due to a bug.
  • [Added 11/10] [Battlegrounds] We’ve temporarily removed Golganneth’s Tempest from the Anomaly Pool due to a bug.

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just lost 98 mmr on a game where the YOGG anomaly stopped working, JUST FOR ME!!! every single other player in the lobby got the value from the wheel except ME. only wheel bonus i got was on the first turn. got nothing the rest of the game. the anomaly flashed as if it triggered but the wheel never activated and I received no bonuses.

also the free gift of 2 catch up packs doesn’t work…i logged in after the update and got nothing


They’re actually going live with the expansion–I’ll add a note.


perfect…thanks for the info

Hi i dont know if this is related but atm i cant log into the battlenet app im so sa :frowning:

I am getting this error atm BLZBNTBNA00000A8D

This error indicates a general problem with your connection to the server. Before troubleshooting, double check the Battle.net Privacy Settings via web browser to resolve any issues that would prevent the account from logging in. If the issue persists, follow the steps on our connection troubleshooting article to resolve the problem.

Please fix :frowning: please

Tried everything here?

If you have tried these steps and still require assistance, visit our Technical Support Forums (World of Warcraft) (StarCraft II) (Diablo III) (Hearthstone) (Heroes of the Storm) (Overwatch) or contact us.

The problem is not with Boneweb Egg. It’s with Wicked Whispers. Any card discarded by it does not trigger the card text. Other cards that discard cards will trigger Boneweb Egg’s deathrattle.

Stick Up can generate Rogue cards. It cost me an arena game. :frowning:

Disco at the End of Time only casts 3 secrets in Arena. Flame Ward, Snipe, and Pressure Plate.

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Hi, i don’t know if it’s intentional but runi and al’akir hero still don’t have any legendary entrance theme. Would be nice to give them one even if it’s reused

runes of darkness in arena did not discover any weapons

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Using Long’xin Celestial breath ability (playing on mobile) causes the game to disconnect/reconnect and sometimes just bug out and play the beginning of the animation of said ability forever until I reopen the app

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I played duels, and after playing Jace Darkweaver card, his animation took forever, nothing ever happened. I know I won the game; maybe the opponent conceded, but that restricted me from playing duels and this card. I am frustrated. This bug should be fixed. Also, that happened twice, every time I played it.

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Even though it was mentioned as fixed in patch notes, Helveria’s hero power still lacks her animation and uses basic DH one (the animation after using it that should look simmilar to her entrance animation).

Blood-Queen Lana’Thel lacks animation of her golden Hero Power’s art like it was in case with Omen last few patches (which got fixed this patch, but Lana’Thel has the same problem since last patch).

Sunspot dragon’s QuickDraw effect doesn’t activate when returned to your hand by Kologarn’s deathrattle.

After update getting black screen with white cursor after starting windows client.

The patch states that a bug with the Wallflower Halveria hero power animation has been fixed. But this problem was not fixed after the update.

Playing an infused artificer xy’mox crashes the game


The card living Mountain 9 Costs card with mega Windfury has no charge it has Eifer (german Word) dont know the English word :sweat_smile:
Hope it helps have a nice day @all.

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