25.4 Patch Notes

Yes, it will keep track for everyone at all times now.

The achievement for Blightfang doesn’t work properly. It count when the opponent play it, but not when we do. So… Hard to farm this achievement. Please fix it i’m sure i should have it already.

“[Hearthstone] All classes will now have Corpses tracked throughout the game, in case they generate a Corpse-spending card. The Corpse Counter will be displayed while there are any Death Knight cards in a zone you can see (like in your hand or in play).”

I can agree with that, nice one! Finally DK-s will not give corpse spender cards anymore because they know it is useless for others in exchange after Mad Duke.

But can’t agree with that… : “[Hearthstone] Double Cross can no longer trigger if your hand is full.” Why? Many other classes have their way to burn other players cards… Why we can’t turn this trap against them while many others can in many ways? They even have recycling and a lot of multi way to use up annoying cards… can’t agree with that one…

This should have been day 1 implmentation.


Those people where swindled, game mode barely got support for a year and a half before the folded it and left a lot of promises un answered.

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Mr Bigglesworth is an actual undead character from WoW.

That anointed spelling is annoying.

Anyone know when the miniset comes out?

Now. My client just started the update.

I was under the impression the battlecry took precedent and triggers with no reaction step. If that’s not the case then the text on Secret Eater is incorrect and should read, “Destroy all enemy secrets (except one).” As it does NOT in fact destroy ALL enemy secrets.

I’m more confused with the battlecry mechanic and text interaction. Not a Spell.

Any idea when the patch will hit mobile .

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What,s the point of an update where there is no atual battlegrounds improvement?
Most popular game section is deliberately turning into a steaming pile of…

Hey, so there was a change in the prices?

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Just played a game of Mercenaries and noticed a new Treasure for Sir Finley named “The Fin-Headed League”. I can’t find any mention of it in the update, however. Did they silently add new treasures?

Edit: Found two more new treasures “Nature Ritual” and “Murky Mastery” on Morgl the Oracle (I’m using a Murloc party) seems like Blizzard did add some new treasures without telling us.

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I thought it was the last living thing in Naxxramas and perhaps the last remnant of KT’s humanity, but, apparently, times change. :crying_cat_face:

I could forgive them some bugs etc, but I dunno if I can forgive them this.

In case someone missed it, let me remind everyone that this misspelling, namely The A(n)nointed Blades bounty, used to be present in the Felwood zone for some time, then they fixed it… But here it comes again!

The answer:

Here we go again? I’ve actually collected some other similar precedents:

PS And some things I’d like to see documented in the patch notes, but, apparently, not:

I’ll leave this is a surrogate for those who’ve got guestions about it.

another patch another day with P2W in bgs. and yet another day with hearthstone uninstalled and the wallet closed. till next time boys. see ya next patch

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For all of you Battlegrounds fans: the usual patch schedule generally looks like this:


(there was also some info on OG’s channel and in other sources, but I can’t readily find it for some reason). So, x.2 tends to be the big BGs patch, which was 25.2 in this case, and x.4 has been reserved for mini-sets and Mercs (although the latter might change). Thus, your complaints are misplaced here, since this isn’t supposed to be one of those big BG moments, according to their usual patch schedule.

Agreed. As a Thief Priest/Rogue enjoyer, games against Death Knight were decided on if the cards you get (not) use Corpses. Very good Fix.

Is there any word yet on the LegendaryDiamond Hero Skins being usable in Battlegrounds yet? Sylvanas, Muloc Holmes skins would be awesome to use

With this new update which allows to upgrade your mercs even after they are maxed, the problem with bug of unmaxable characters become event worse:

Can you fix it, Blizzard? Run the fixing script on Europe servers also?