24.0 Patch Notes

thanks for banning twig in duels and nerfing mycelium


very,very happy to see twig banned.

Also won’t cry about plaguebringers leaving


Can we please get Naxx in classic.


RIP Chromawing, back from the dead but deader than ever. What a weird rework, can’t imagine it’ll see any play


I am surprised they are gifting us an actually useful legendary, Sire Denathrius, when they could have given us a more flavourful one, but trashier like Murlocholmes


Here we are again, with the " Bug Fixes and Game Improvements" section lumping together all the changes, without clearly differentiating by gamemode.
YOU DID RIGHT IN THE 23.6.1 PATCH NOTES, but it’s clear there is lack of coordination, care, or probably both.
But in this patch, to top your performance, you also didn’t bother to indicate to which Hero each of the changed duels’ Hero Powers and artifacts belong.
It’s already bad having all the gamemodes together in one document, forming a very lenghty one (If you are not interested in Battlegrounds or Mercenaries, here they are, polluting your reading), but you manage to make it worse.
By the way: there is something calling AN INDEX for a document with LINKS to each section; you should investigate that novel concept.


They want you to feel like you’re doing something wrong, like you’re limiting yourself, when you’re skipping past the merc updates.


When are you adding naxx to classic?


Imagine putting that much effort into balancing and changing a game mode 8 people play (mercenaries).


It’s probably just me being stupid, but what are these cannons that Crowleys kit is so focused on?

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Don’t think they’ve actually showed it, but I imagine they’ll be similar to the witchwood dungeon run ones.



Love the Uther change, making him a Protector (and the first to deal holy damage, what a perfect fit). Also, the Trigore bugfix is great - I was against one of those centaur who has a counterattack, and with his pings constantly hitting my left/right party members, Trigore pounded that guy down to negative 400 hp lol

  • All hero powers and signature treasures are now available for all heroes, for all players, no matter what. No more unlock requirements!
    Finally. I could never justify spending time doing runs to get the last few unlocks for the Alterac Duo.
    Some of those requirements just required derailing a run just to play cards when not needed just to tick the counter.

Can you fix legendary card back ??

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And again bloody mess. Please divide game mods. I don’t care about Battlegrounds. But even when I skip first section. In bugfixes again all modes.

Please add images to cards and abilities for all other modes. I don’t remember each cards and each Duels treasure.

For Duels - add description which hero is affected.
Even when I google it - it’s Hunter treasure in Duels, but we have Slate, Brann and Vanndar able to play Hunter.


8 people pay*

A new mercenary probably requires so many coins to max out, that a mercenary streamer or tryharder (if they exist) will probably pay thousands just to have it fully upgraded on day 1.

They aren’t fixing the excess coins problem on purpose, otherwise mercenary whales won’t have to pay to max out new mercenaries

Good nerfs for duels, but please ban Ellwyn Boar, it’s in every deck and really isn’t fun

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Some undocumented changes, among others, in Mercenaries:

  • The Acolyte of N’Zoth bounty now awards coins for C’Thun and Sir Finley instead of N’Zoth and Fathom-Lord Karthress respectively. [1]

Regarding ‘Misc. other bug fixes and game improvements’ (a ‘brilliant’ example of detailed and specific documentation, by the way, just like ‘Fixed bugs and wording issues with various Mercenaries Abilities, Equipment, and Treasures.’)

  • A lot of new mercenary animations added. [2]
  • Some other animations (for Bleed and some skills) added or updated, new icons for some skills
  • An in-game tooltip finally explaining lost Stealth, when it happens due to all characters being in Stealth, added.

Another one:

  • Reno Jackson’s Dazzlin’ Flexin’ actually gives a permanent Taunt now, as per it’s description.

Que fecha es la nueva expansión?