26.2 Patch Notes

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The heroic tavern brawl skin rewards should be 12 wins across all runs, and 3 wins in a single run, not the other way around.
This is the worst decision hearthstone has ever made, please reconsider this before the event launch.

Getting skins locked behind a limited-time event is already bad, and now it is money- and time-locked behind a limited-time event? Seriously, even if you are are skilled player, if you have to work and aren’t super free in this given week, you won’t have time to grind enough trials to get the 12-win.

Or just offer the skins in the shop as an alternative means, it will be much better!


Keeping the cost to level 5 at 11 gold is an incredibly awful decision. It feels so bad. u should just revert it.

I just noticed it says they are upgrading the Unity version. Hopefully this will stop some of the memory leak issues and increase performance. Game has been running terribly for lots of people.

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the issues they describe sound very similar to what happened to me while playing on my old phone around the time they increased the requeriments during barren release …so guess many of those players with issues will be unable to play HS on their devices


Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve bemoaned poor documentation in patch notes*, and this time is no exception.

The first undocumented change I discovered practically:

  • Now the level of Mythic Boss Rush bounties in Mercenaries can apparently be set from 1 to the current maximum, i.e. last week’s highest completed level plus forty (before the patch, if memory serves, the bounds were from -60 to +40 from the previous week’s highest completion).

*See, for example: 24.0 Patch Notes - #23 by SparkyElf-2852, 25.0 Patch Notes - #27 by SparkyElf-2852, 25.0.3 Patch Notes - #26 by SparkyElf-2852, 25.4 Patch Notes - #17 by SparkyElf-2852 and probably more.

What is it? new shining or animation or lightning on some cards in Bobs tavern. For what is it? how to turn it off. I wanna concentrate on the game, not on shining pictures.

The skins looks horrible.

First big noticeable change for me after update - game crashes any time I try to trade my Rustrut viper.
Edit : tried to trade Drakefire Amulat, same thing, game crashed. It’s on PC, win 7, I updated graphic drivers after first crash.

I can’t confirm or disprove this, but lemme clarify: that’s exactly why I laughed after the optimistic statement above — instead, I’d expect as much, namely new bugs, considering how modern ‘IT’ tends to be.

why not static effect to show douplets in Bobs tavern? Blizzard. F.e. green color around, like when in tradisional mode cards are green when you can play them. Animation just distract from the game, imho, and its annoying. Its just now if I close my eyes I will imagine that douplet shining - awful…really… Yeah, triplets have animation, but you can do triplets not so often, and douplets you can have several every tavern roll. And see animation each time - not needed and annoys

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I love that they just stop listing all the changes at the end of the patch notes and basically say “yeah and we did some other stuff too, good luck figuring it out”.

I pretty much only use variations of shadow priest for standard, usually with haunting nightmare, and I feel like I’m closer to finding a pattern for how to workaround the problem.
I feel like everytime I carefully, slowly drag the haunted card, in the shortest possible path to the middle or to the right, it triggers.
But sometimes cards are haunted twice and only trigger once so it can’t explain everything idk.

Like i feel what for sure doesn’t work is just like taking the card, moving it way to the top left of the screen, dragging it to the top right, and letting go to activate, all done quickly. That’s what I feel like kinda what not to do.

‘Stop’ is a big word in this context, since I wish they started listing at least some of them (let’s say about a half) properly in the first place.

Yeah, some of us in the community have actually done that, but that’s self-repetition, again… I’ll go ahead and quote myself — not to sound narcissistic, just due to being tired of the same old theme again and again:

Well, I suppose you could at least rely on the community — there’s that.

About the 12 win skin reward… The same reason I dust all gold cards. If I can’t collect them all, I don’t want any. I’ve collected every skin other than the ones locked behind the track completion, and that’s only because there haven’t been enough completable tracks. Let’s face it, a lot of them are stinkers too. I guess I’ll stop buying them all, and only get the ones I like. Great marketing…

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I wish they still gave players the first Heroic brawl for free. It’s fun to play but the cost to do so is too much for my HS budget compared to what the equivalent in gold could get me.

Please make Crimson Knight Sai Hero Skin more accessible, 12 wins should be over any number of runs, this makes collectors like me suffer(((

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I bought the Battleground Pass 4, the money is drawn from my account but I didn’t receive it. When I try redoing it, it just says Failed to install - you’ve already bought the item? Frustrating because I want to get going with the new update…

Banana slamma is way too overpowered for a tier 3 minion; mama bear should go to T4, Paleskin crockolisk should go to T4 and Banana slamma should go to T5/6 it’s just way to oppressive to have that early

Soooo basicly elementals are too bad to pick in battlegrounds because all core elementals are now removed… Wow