Bug Report

Anomaly- In the Face and Primordial Bulwark interaction bug (1)
Heroic Mode Plague Boss Health Not Lowering (9)
Plague lord of madness healt regen (2)
2nd Wing Boss Health stays at 300 (9)
Non random rng generator (5)
Cards marked as "new" after mass disenchant (4)
Tomb of Terror Boss restore its health to full if you can't kill it (5)
Ice Walker and Arcane Craftiness (1)
Tombs of Terror - Boss' life in heroic mode (1)
Bug with time on computer (1)
Dalaran Heist - All Class Choices Yield Mage Run ( 2 ) (26)
Fix the plague lords! (3)
A bug with a tomb of horror (1)
Telephone number code (3)
Problems with getting a reward for the quest (1)
Plague lord Health reset (9)
Ranking chest and rank keep changing (3)
Bug in the adventure of uldum's Tomb (1)
Tomb of terror pre purchase reward (2)
Tess Greymane not re-summoning ancestral guardian (2)
Plague lord 2 does not retain health (1)
Starting Hero Power progress not saved if it is changed mid run (1)
2nd Tombs Boss Health went back to 285 from 165 (1)
Band of Bees - Incorrect card text translation (1)
Zephrys no windfury (1)
Tombs of Terror - Bazaar Bob Skipped (1)
Conjurer's Calling and Zepherys (2)
Can t see friends ipad (2)
Captured flag Cthun (1)
No Saviors of Uldum reward quest recieved (2)