Bug Report

Rapidfire did not create a twinspell card (2)
Bug Report 22 Jun 2019 - Psychic Scream (6)
Progression blocker in Dalaran Heist Chapter 1 Encounter 1 against Marei Loom (1)
I can not play after a priest played "Psychic Scream" (5)
Super Simian Sphere Taunt won't work (3)
Some cards just insta-freeze the game (4)
Anomaly bug Adventure (2)
I lost one star because of this (2)
Unremovable "Plays of the Frozen Throne" Quest (13)
Unseen Saboteur does not trigger overkill effect on Baited Arrow (2)
Problem with playing on android (14)
Old player started again. Old arena rewards bugged out (7)
Snip-snap/conjures bug (2)
Game crashes while aiming with shadowbolt ( 2 ) (21)
Resolution is wrong on iPad pro 2018 11" (2)
Renounce darkness bug (3)
Pixel 3a XL poor performance (2)
Arena Win Bug 2/3 Losses (2)
Zayle, The Shadow Cloak (9)
Priest opponent Psychic Screams, causes invisible cards, no performable action, no turn indication (1)
Duplicate legendary (9)
Unpowered steambot - keeps enchants when returned to had (3)
No reward packs in Dalaran Heist, Chapter One (9)
Snip-Snap buggy (2)
Uncraftable C'Thun Support (6)
Marei Loom hero power causes shuffled cards to lose buffs (2)
Mind Control Tech in Arena (2)
Shudderwock Bug (4)
Storm chaser bug (2)
Game crashes for me because of psychic scream (2)