Bug Report

Known Issues List 2019 - Updated Sept. 12th (7)

Hello everyone, Here is a list of known issues we currently are investigating. Please note that this is not a complete list, as it addresses some of the frequently reported issues our players are seeing. 2018 Cha…

Endless turn, Card Stuck Hovering, and Never Roping (1)

This is in response to an issue that players see where it appears that the opposing player is holding up the game in some manner. Often it will appear that they are holding a card above the battlefield, purposely prevent…

Hearthstone Common Issues (1)

Here are some of the commonly reported issues that can be resolved. Mindbreaker and Sideshow Spelleater in Adventure Missions These two Hero Power effects are disabled while in Adventure Missions. This is to prevent th…

How to share links to screenshots, videos, and replays (3)

You may have noticed that sharing any URL links will be disabled in some instances when replying to a post. There is a work around that will allow you to share links to screenshots, videos, and replays. You can use the P…

Bug Report Forum Guidelines (1)

Welcome to the Hearthstone Bug Report Forums! Our Blizzard Quality Assurance team will be routinely monitoring the bug forum and collecting reports for our development team. While not every post will see a direct respon…

Tomb of terror pre purchase reward (1)
Band of Bees - Incorrect card text translation (1)
Zephrys no windfury (1)
Tombs of Terror - Bazaar Bob Skipped (1)
Conjurer's Calling and Zepherys (2)
Can t see friends ipad (3)
Plague lord Health reset (6)
Captured flag Cthun (1)
No Saviors of Uldum reward quest recieved (2)
Another quest missing (1)
Progress not updating after a run (6)
Missile Launcher Bug (2)
Slowdown to unplayable with Plague Lord (2)
Tomb of Terrors Challenge 5/0? Cannot continue (3)
Cardish wrong picture (1)
ToT: 3 bugs in Heroic mode (2)
NO daily quest displays at quest log, But I can still do the quest and get the reward (1)
Tomb of Terrors: blackwald pixie bug (1)
Several Saviors of Uldum Adventure Bugs (1)
What happened to C'thun? (2)
Tavern Brawl Autocomplete Deck Glitch? (1)
Mulligan: can't see enemy hero power (2)
Tavern Brawl Bug (1)
Explosive trap and Divine Shield (3)
Wrong Heropower Art (Heroic) (1)