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I just wanted to provide some feedback for Diablo II: Resurrected, in particular around Classic, The Shared Stash and the Stash Size.

Firstly, I will provide a little bit of background for myself. I have been playing Diablo II on and off for many many years now. I cannot recall exactly when I first picked up the game however it was prior to the release of Lord of Destruction. Even with the release of Lord of Destruction myself, my family and indeed my friends stayed with Classic Diablo II and we still play it to this day.

In addition to being a long term classic player I too have been heavily involved in the modding scene, being one of the only players to mod specific for Classic Diablo II. For those that played some of my mods they may recall the names as “D2Classics”, “D2War” and most recently; Diablo 09 which focuses on version 1.09 for both Classic and Expansion. Through this I have interacted with hundreds of players from the Classic community whom Blizzard developers describe as “purists” of the game.

Whilst there is certainly a strong element of the community that you could consider purists, many of the players simply remain with Classic as they are not particularly fond of the feature set brought in by Lord of Destruction (be it the infamous Enigma runeword or having to carry an inventory full of charms). There are a vast many other reasons that a player would continue to remain in Classic rather than Lord of Destruction however I will not list them all as the purpose of the post is not to make a comparison between the two.

This leads me on to my feedback; in a recent live stream hosted by MrLlamaSC who featured on your Developer Deep Dive; it was stated that whilst expansion was gaining a shared stash and perhaps increased stash space that this feature would not be making itself available to the classic player. The rational provided for this decision was because classic players are considered purists and it is felt that they would not welcome the change.

I would like to address that the rational for providing the shared stash for Lord of Destruction is because your developers are aware that players utilise other characters as “mules”. I would like to point out that this same solution exists for Classic too; I would go one step further to say that this method of hoarding items on other characters actually originated in Classic. At least I can say first hand I was doing so prior to Lord of Destruction being released.

In addition, I would like to say that from all of the feedback that I have received over the years from modding Classic Diablo II is that players welcome and appreciate the increased stash size that I always sought to provide them with.

Following the announcement of Diablo II: Remastered, its shared stash, and the Q&A from MrLlamaSC one of the biggest talking points across several Diablo II discords that I am involved in is the lack of support for the Classic Player when it comes to the additional quality of life features that are intended to be provided.

It is to that end I would like to kindly request that the shared stash along with its size is brought up to the same standard of Lord of Destruction so the Classic Player can truly experience the great efforts that have gone in to making Diablo II: Remastered.

Edit: To provide some clarity on the situation when I use the term Classic I am referring to the non-expansion version version of Diablo II.

Kind Regards,



This is a great idea!


Yass! Brilliant! Someone make this trend!


Please give Classic bigger stash and/or shared stash.


yes bigger stash please!


As a 100% classic player, I totally agree with this. Thank you for making this post. This particular quality of life feature should be available for both Classic and Expansion players.


That makes no sense from their POV.

Why would they waste time coding classic, which will have less than 1000 active players instead of putting all their efforts into resurrected ?

You do realize blizzard activision is a very greedy company, there is 0% chance this is happening.

They took the time to code in a classic stash and make sure shared stash was not present for classic only. That means they are making adjustments specifically for classic.


What are you even talking about ?

They mentioned a shared stash for all your resurrected chars, I have no idea what you mean with your classic shared stash

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This post is for classic characters on Resurrected… Not classic characters on BNet 1.0


Your terminology is confusing.

D2R consists of both “Classic” and “LoD”. When you say Classic, are you referring to the current Diablo II that everyone can play today? It sounds like it to me. Nobody is expecting them to make code changes to that.

They’re making changes to “Classic” as part of the D2R release.


Sorry I thought you wanted them to change classic diablo 2 (the current playable LoD version of D2) and not the classic mode in D2:R

Then yes I agree with you, mules will definitely be using mules in classic, I don’t see why they wouldn’t implement the shared stash… as if the purists aren’t using mules themselves.


Sorry guys; for clarity when I refer to Classic I mean Non-Expansion / Non Lord of Destruction.

The topic is referring to features in Diablo II: R specifically - not the 2001 version.


I was a mostly non-expansion player and completely agree and I think 99% of non-expansion players would too.

It’s not that we’re strictly purists, non-expansion D2 just plays differently and has a different endgame and items that many of us prefer. Changing the stash would not change that and would be welcomed.


Some people in here clearly don’t know what Classic is - We are referring to Non-Expansion, or Nox, or… CLASSIC.
Not current D2/D2LOD, that will never be referred to as Classic, maybe Legacy.

It would be shameful and lazy for D2:R to release without such a staple feature across the whole board for both Classic/LoD players. Especially after advertising it as a feature.
I understand they may be avoiding it because they haven’t figured out how to implement it without having Classic/LoD items mixed up in the stash- but that is no excuse to drop it completely.


we should just make it normal to refer to current (2001) diablo 2 as vanilla. classic has always meant non-lod lol


Yeah the shard stash / larger stash size is a good feature that should be in both Classic and LoD. Classic players would welcome this as well as LoD players. The stash size isn’t the reason people play Classic still. There isn’t anything inherently pure about it.


I agree, they should add the shared stash to non expansion players. As a huge fan of classic myself it would be greatly appreciated.


I wouldn’t count on any QoL changes happening with the original version of Diablo 2/LoD(2000/2001). My guess is they will only make changes that are necessary to keep the game working on modern operating systems. (The downloader could use an update, Blizzard. Also make it download the latest version of the game.)


It’s confirmed that Classic in D2:R won’t have a shared stash.
That’s the whole reason for OPs topic.