Captain Crimson's plans won't drop for me

On my non seasonal I cant get it to drop, seasonal all plans drop right away…

3 more rounds of bounties and it finally dropped for me. Can’t be sure of which cache it was in as I opened all five before picking up the loot.

Got the plan at last.
So there are

  • plans that drop like candy from bounty caches until you have them all
  • plans that are independent and rare drops
    and the Crimson’s are the latter.

471 paragons in and still no Captain Crimson recipe. Been doing bounties nonstop, public and private. Used every puzzle ring I’ve got (over 10 for sure). Only gotten the lvl 30 Captain recipe. Frustrating cause I got the damage to up my game but I keep getting 1 shot after T10 or GR45.

Seasonal Demonhunter.

EDIT I FOUND A SOLUTION: Okay so I read around on the forums and some people had this work for them so I decided to give it a try. Do bounties with your main character. Don’t open the caches. Create a new character, get it boosted to lvl 70. Then open the caches and voila “Plan: Captain Crimson’s Trimmings”. I legit only had to do this once and it worked. There seems to be something wrong with the RNG if you can’t seem to get it on your main but a new character seem to be able to get it flawlessly on the first try.

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I got the Captain Set early on but I had done something like twenty full bounties between what I thought was my last plan drop and getting the Level 70 Cain’s set plan to drop. I thought I had them all and then all of a sudden Cain’s set plan drops from a bounty cache. Wasn’t expecting it.

Took me a while but finally got the plans in a bounty cache. It’s been frustrating but it seems there is light at the end of the rainbow. That rainbow just seems to be a bit longer for some than others. For those still looking, good luck! Hopefully RNGesus shines on you soon!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. I’m DH paragon 720 now, umpteen billion bounties (public/private), vaults, etc. Created 3 new characters (another DH, a barbarian, and a witch doctor …what the hey, why not) and PL’d each to 70. Have run multiple full act 5-bounty sets and opened 5+ caches with all 3 of the new characters and …no Captain Crimson Trimmings. Definitely limits my upper GR cap – sounds like a great build, but can’t get 'em to drop.

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Same here, 750 para on season, no plans yet, been spamming T16 bounties all day. Is this a bug?

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looks like its happening again this season, now how about a fix blizzard.
and why no blue post reply at all blizzzard.

Happened to me between Seasons 18-19. No Crimson or Cain’s. Anyway, I finally gave up, and we’ll see what happens this Season.

And no, I did not get them during S18, I think because I just didn’t play long enough.

I haven’t gotten any new patterns in the last 10 bounty caches and still no Captain Crimson’s

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This has happened to me twice now, for the second Season in a row, with the Captain Crimson’s blacksmith plan. As far as I can tell, every other blacksmith plan has dropped, so I am left opening Cache after Cache with no luck whatsoever. And I am sick of doing Bounties!!!

Last Season I created a new Seasonal hero that was not re-birthed and quickly obtained this blacksmith plan. Whether or not this is a glitch, or the new Captain Crimson’s blacksmith plan happens to be rarer than the others (which I sincerely doubt), I think that the Developers should do to this item exactly what they did with the Legacy of Dreams legendary gem and make it drop a lot sooner than it otherwise would.

Because I really, really do not feel like spending several hours getting another hero to level 70 just to open a couple Caches. But what other options do I have at this point? :woman_shrugging:

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same here, been doing bounties since the start of the season and still no luck. My character is not rebirthed, and i cant get them. Is this a bug? or what? its really annoying.

Got it yesterday from a goblin, and I was super surprised. I was sure this was going to be another season of no Crimson’s for like 2 months.

Can’t believe we have to actually farm for this plan! Fix this Blizzard! Double the drop rate!

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Or do like you did with the Sage’s Journey Set and let Haedrig automatically learn it when he’s Trained to Level 12.


I’m about 30 full bounty runs in and still no plans for this. Even PL’d a second character and opened caches on them several times now and still nothing… damn… lol

Yes my friend is having the same issue. no level 70 Cpt Crimson plans from bounties or Odious Collectors.

  • Support ticket = No answers. No replies. No help.

I’ve started my 3rd alternate (4th Character). All I do is Bounties, Rifts and GRifts. I’ve had a couple of Rainbow Portals opened. One Goblin I killed opened a Portal to Not the Cow Level and one I killed opened a Portal to The Vault. I’ve lost count of how many Odious Collector’s I’ve killed.

I even tried the trick of letting my main Character run some Bounties, stashing the Cache and letting a different Character Class open them.

Still no Captain Crimson’s Trimmings Plan.  

By the way, my Demon Hunter collected and stashed the Bounty Cache. My lower-Level Barbarian opened them. The items I got were the expected items. That is, there were the Act-specific Legendary items and some Rare items. But, all of the items had Strength on them instead of Dexterity. (So, it does make a difference which Class opens the Bounty Cache).

Hey CAM!

The plans are working as intended and there’s currently no bug with them. They are a low drop % though, so it might just be a bad case of RNG.

Hope this provides you an answer, a reply, and some help moving forward.

Good luck on your adventures