Captain Crimson's plans won't drop for me

I’ve completed 10x full bounty rounds, 12 vaults and 25+ rifts (about 10-15 Odious Collectors + 50 caches) and I still don’t have the plans.

I got Cain’s and Auguld’s first and second round of bounties.
Anyone else having similar issue obtaining these plans?


Similar, my issue however is trying to get auguld’s plan.

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I got em just fine after a few sets.

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Hmm, ok. So people are getting them then, which is good.
What classes have people been getting them on? That shouldn’t matter but just curious.

I know they are RNG-based but for real. After this much farming something seems off…

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I got Crimson on DH on my first bounties run

I also got crimson and auglid on first set of dh bounties. Yesterday morning had to bail out of a 96 grift cuz i was taking
too much damage. With King Crimson did a 100 grift easily

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Same here, I’ve run 7-8 full pub bounty clears in the last hour or so, 3 Gelatinous Sires and several Odious Collectors, gotten new Aughild & Cain but no Cap.

Just got the plan after few (3-4) t16 bounty public runs.

It took me 5 full bounty runs to get Crimson. I still don’t have Aughilds. Then again, RNG has never been kind to me:)

Got all 3 sets of plans from 1 set of T16 bounties on my DH

Got all the new plan running one public Bounty.

See, this is what’s still happening for me. I’ve opened 55 caches so far and killed 15+ Odious Collectors and no Captain’s set.
I even tried a few solo/private bounty runs.

This is all on my necomancer, btw.

Don’t hate guys. But I got all 3 new plans in the first set of bounties. :joy:

I had to do 9 bounties until i found Crimson

Cain’s dropped for me run 1
Crimson dropped for me run 3
Think I did 6 runs total. Still no Aughilds. Also killed a couple of Odious Collectors.

Definitely a bit harder to get these updated plans apparently.


Vault runs. Gobs drop plans.

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I forgot about that.

Today was the first time I’ve played D3 in almost 2 weeks. I only ran one full round of Bounties on T16 and got Cain’s Destiny and Aughild’s Authority Plans. No Captain Crimson’s Trimmings yet.

I have a Stash Tab half full of Bovine Bardiches and the other half Puzzle Rings. Some of them are Ancient.

Time to burn through those, me thinks. :thinking:

Thanks for reminding me! :beer:

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na still no luck on puzzle done 10 run vault plus 3 bounties seriously ? thanks Blizzard

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So I finally got them earlier today, but it took a total of 14 rounds of bounties until I found it in a cache.
Also, I must have done close to 15 vaults and killed about 30 or so Odious Collectors along the way.

Dang nice maybe i go back do some again maybe less than 3 …no one on pub all waiting for Season . I mean C"mon Blizzard . u will not lose anything just put the cap down for the NS. Next day i go back season too …