I haven’t logged in today so I can’t test anything yet. But have you checked if you already have the recipe? Is it a new recipe or can you use the old recipe which has the updated set bonus? Also, as a related question, do you need to craft new Captain Crimson pieces or is the set bonus retroactive (like most sets are)?

Edit: disregard my comment as I did not read the fine print in the patch notes regarding the crafted sets. Apparently, either the Captain Crunch plans are very rare or there is some unintended bug regarding their drop rate (maybe only a certain act’s cache can drop it).

The new recipes aren’t an automatic drop when you do bounties or kill an OG. This behaviour seems to be similar to the old Sage plans. I don’t know if this is a bug or if this is intended.

Sucks if this is intended.

I just ran a full set of T16 bounties and killed 2 OG. Zero plans dropped.

I have a few ancient puzzle rings I’m going to work with later today!

I feel your pain…

They do drop just fine. They are not a guarenteed drop from the next bounty or goblin. Keep doing them. I got mine after a few sets of full sets of bounties.

I got it from an Odious Collector during a T6 powerlevel. In my opinion, quantity > quality.

Im glad they dropped for you.

However, Im still searching for them. So far 4 odious goblins & 5 complete bounty cache (act1-5) done & no plans. I also tried 6 puzzle rings & 2 ancient puzzle rings… nope

Just got them from T16 bounty horadric cache after few horrible bounty runs…

D3 RNG is not a bug.

I’m sorry you’re currently having bad luck in finding these new Plans.

Also remember, this is the Bug Report Forum, not a discussion or help forum.

If you would like to discuss this further, please start a thread in the General Discussion Forum instead of hijacking someone else’s thread.

You might want to read this:

Thank you.

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Im not looking for “discussion” or help. Im stating what I did to try & get the plans.

You quoted “Horadric Caches now contain two guaranteed Legendary or Set recipes (if available at your level range)” in "Sage’s Plight Plan not dropping in Season 17 " on old forum which was taken from the patch notes for 2.30

Id provide links but it wont let me

so unless the rules have changed for plans to drop… its a bug

just to clarify my previous post I opened 25x t16 bounty cache boxes & did not get the plans

wow… im supporting the OP in that the plans arent dropping like they should & listed what Ive done to try & get them to drop

Okay. My apologies then. :blush:

Same problem here. I got the lvl30 Crimson set but not the real one.
Maybe the game thinks “already there” ?
Why is there even a lvl30 version in the game?!?

I had the same problem. Did bounties nonstop for a week. Never got the lvl 70 plans. Looked around the forums and the same people had the same issue some people suggested this and it worked.

SOLUTION: Do bounties with your main character. Don’t open the caches. Create a new character, get it boosted to lvl 70. Then open the caches and voila “Plan: Captain Crimson’s Trimmings”. I legit only had to do this once and it worked. There seems to be something wrong with the RNG if you can’t seem to get it on your main but a new character seem to be able to get it flawlessly on the first try. Hope it works for the rest of you.

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I had run 90+ bounties with no plans. Then I tried your suggestion and used a 70th level barb to open my DH bounty cache and bang! The plans dropped. I know people will say it’s a coincidence that this worked for two people and that RNG is RNG. Well, I’ve written my share of RNGs in my career so I know about RNGs, But like LeRoy Jethro Gibbs I don’t believe in coincidences. It worked and you’re right - there is something wrong with RNG.

Not sure if a bug. But i did a bunch of bounties with no plan drop. I had the level 30 versions already crafted in my stash. I deleted the pieces in my stash and then on my next bounty run I got the plan.

OK, BLIZZARD , PLEASE FIX this , I got the complete PLAN fine last season now find myself looking for ( Captain Crimson’s Thrust) did some the workarounds some the players did above with NO RESOLVE , I have done different characters etc , with no resolve this clearly is BUG that is affected multiple players.

-I have done roughly 2 or 3 Hundred cache RUNS with no plans for this.

OK, something bizarre has happened without even knowing it on my BB character that created and leveled to 70, and than did some bounties on my DH than opened them up on my BB, the plans were there for the belt the odd thing is i never got the plans and uploaded them to the blacksmith.

-The BAD thing about this is that this should show on my DH character since it is the same season, so I had to create one on the BB character than reforge it on the DH character to get the build I needed , so YES I truly believe this is BUG at this point.

Thank you man!!! It worked! First bounty cache I opened on my fresh lvl 70 alt, the plans dropped. So it is a BUG…