It's Official; Crimson Plans Won't Drop

I just did a Bounty wherein I killed a Malevolent Tormentor and an Odious Collector. Neither the Bounty Cache nor either goblin dropped a plan.

I have all other level 70 versions of the low-level plans, but no Captain Crimson.

Blizzard, I think it’s time for you to seed this plan into the game somewhere other than as a drop from where it is supposed to drop. Because as you can see, it isn’t.

Are you trolling? A quick peek at your profile shows the opposite. Your season hardcore character is wearing crimson’s pants and belt.


Bare in mind that Stone has six accounts so maybe he posted on StonePro but was talking about not getting the plans on one of the other five. However…

That thread though has some significant pushback on the producer’s statement, mine amongst them, because unless the drop chance is 1% or under there’s no way you should be unable to find these plans after opening 200+ caches.

If we assume 15 minutes for a split bounty run, which gains you 5 caches, that’s 40 full bounty runs to get 200 caches, i.e. 10 straight hours of bounties. With a 1% drop chance, 1 in 8 players would still not get the plan at that rate.

It’s bugged or ridiculous, possibly both.


I’m on the same boat, except for the aughilds stuff. I have the low level version but not the 70. Wont drop to save my life

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I had the same problems, ran bounty after bounty after bounty. Everybody I play with had them already and said they got it really early on. I swapped to my fresh 70 wizard and got them on my first bounty.

It took a while to get Crimsons to drop for me. It was right after power leveling someone and running rifts/grifts and bounties to help them out that the plans dropped. Maybe RNGesus rewards the altruistic?

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There is something weird about at least how some of the plans are dropping.

In the past, by obtaining bountiy caches and killing the right “type” of goblin, plans would drop continually (every time without exception) until the player had the entire set of crafting plans. At least for me, that is no longer the case.

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Took me a long time to get them in a bounty cache eventually. On the bright side, I picked up a few missing pets from Menagerist Goblins completing bounties.

RNG is a fickle thing. I took a break from D3 after completing season journey and returned today. What happens in the very first rift? I encounter a goblin pack, among them them is an Odious Collector and it drops Captain Crimson plans. Yay!

Still, the fact that an idiotic amount of RNG is involved is the problem. There should be only very little RNG involved. Back in patch 2.3.0 it was made that horadric caches drop all plans (minimum 2 plans per cache) until there’s no plans left and later patches do not indicate any changes to this. Because of that there’s no other conclusion, this thing of CC plans dropping so rarely is effectively a bug.

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It’ll drop if you do enough bounties. Rng is rng

Did you even read the thread I linked where I demonstrated that the drop chance would have to be 1% (or lower) for there to even be a remotely likely possibility for it not to drop after 200 caches? Do you consider it acceptable for 1 in 8 people not to get the pattern after 10 straight hours of split bounty runs?

Also, how do you explain where people are no longer obtaining recipes on their “mains” but when they farm some caches, then create a brand new, level 1 hero and open the caches on those heroes, the plans drop?

It’s bugged, no matter what the producer says.


go qual 15 do akt 1 bounty your plan will drop

That’s not how this works. It’s not a guaranteed rate, it’s a chance-to. That means you can go 2, 45, 302 or 997 times without seeing it drop, however unlikely.

People used to come up with these kinds of posts all the time when legendary items (especially plans) were hard to get, particularly pre ROS. It’s not bugged.

Considering all plans should be guaranteed drops from caches until there’s none left, not getting CC plans is a bug.


Blizzard has stated the drop rate is now very low for that particular plan. Yet you think it’s a bug? I got it myself from a gob long after I “should” have gotten it from caches.

In patch 2.3.0 it was made that caches drop plans (minimum 2 plans per cache) until there’s none left. So if one is missing only the CC plans, the very next cache should have 100% chance to drop the CC plans.

Point me to evidence that states the CC plans are exempt from this rule.

It’s bugged badly.

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You only need to scroll up to see the blue post in quote. It’s obviously changed after they made the set actually good.

If the drop behaviour is changed, why isn’t it stated anywhere in any patch notes? Unless something is clearly stated, one will assume previous model still stands. As such the CC should be guaranteed drop yet they are not which means it’s bugged.

The blue post completely contradicts the patch notes. If the CC plans are intended to no longer be a guaranteed drop, there should be a clear statement in the patch notes.

So the fault is in the patch notes, not game mechanics.

Go and read the thread I linked.

It ably demonstrates that I understand the difference between the individual event chance of failure and the cumulative chance of failure in a sequence of non-causal events.

Clearly, if the drop rate was 1%, the individual event chance of failure is 0.99 but the chance of 200 failures in a row is (0.99)^200 which is massively lower at 0.134

And, if this was all just unlucky streaks of 200 failures in a row, why does creating a brand new level 1 hero and opening caches on that result in the missing plans?

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