Captain Crimsons plans wont drop

I have the lvl 31 version and i have all the other plans. i havent gotten a plan to drop in many bounties. Is it just RNG? is there anything else i need to do?

Not a bug. Working as intended. Try searching next time.

We need to get this one added to the “Not a Bug” sticky


Good idea!

@Dragonmaster, you got that?  

The Blizzard response was that the drops are working just fine but they have a low drop chance. However, I’ve seen posts from people that have opened over 200 bounty caches and still have not obtained the recipe.

Let’s assume that the low drop chance is 5% so…

The chance that a cache will not contain the plan = 0.95
The chance that none of X caches will contain the plan = (0.95)^X
The chance that none of 200 caches will contain the plan = (0.95)^200 = 0.000035

That’s a 35 in 1,000,000 chance. Does that sound like it’s working?

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Yes because

You are also assuming a community were people often tell us their weapons lost their DPS out of nowhere without them doing anything on them is telling the truth, all I know is players pushing the leaderboards are somehow always absent from these topics maybe because they actually spend their time playing the game and understanding these thing are not a bug, these plans have always worked like this it’s just that since they were usless no one really noticed or cared.

When the patch came out with the new patterns, on my non-seasonal hero I got the first two patterns within my first 5 bounty caches. I didn’t get the third recipe until 30 caches. This season, I got all three patterns in my first 5 caches. Why is this even a thing, when caches are supposed to be guaranteed to contain recipes until you have them all?

Season 19 has been running for a fortnight now. We’ve seen many, many threads from people complaining that they still do not have the pattern(s) yet, people that have run hundreds of bounties. Yes, I’m assuming that they’re telling the truth because otherwise they wouldn’t be on the forums complaining about not getting the recipe, because they would have gotten it, crafted their gear and never come to the forums about it.

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Because the new plans are intended to be part of “end game” gear, so they are now rare. You don’t need them to progress, which is where the normal craftable gear fits in the hierarchy of items.

I’ve accepted the current, “official” response because it was posted by a Game Producer.

But… all I know is: I’ve created 4 Season Characters now.

  1. Demon Hunter
  2. Necromancer
  3. Barbarian
  4. Crusader

I leveled them up by running Bounties and Rifts; only doing GRifts to acquire and level their Legendary Gems.

And I still don’t have the Captain Crimson’s Trimmings Plan.

So, unless “end game” = end-of-Season, I’m forced to play my old builds instead of new builds. (And I can do that in non-Season).

(Just sayin’…   )


I have the plans, but no RoRG, so I’m in the same boat. shrug I’m basically done with seasons anyways.

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Now, if you’d opened 200 Act I bounty caches and still not gotten a RoRG would you assume it was a low drop chance, or the drop rate was bugged?

I’ve got the same problem with Born’s plans. 200+ bounties completed and no plans. Don’t tell me this is intended, how many freakin bounties do I have to do, before I can set up my monk and go gr120+?
Another artificial problem, creaated by Blizzard, to annoy players. Efin ridiculous.

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According to this:

Probably next Season.  

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Good News!

I completed an Act IV Bounty with my 4th Seasonal Character, a Necromancer. When she opened her Large Horadric Cache guess what fell out?

Thanks, @Matthew Cederquist!  

I know you slipped those in for me, under the table, when no one was looking.  

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