Captain Crimson Plans Wont Drop

Done like 216 bounty and got no Captain Crimson , nothing drops from bounties or odius collectors no books since the guardian set dropped , its bugged or ?

The plans have a really low drop chance, just keep at it. Took me a long time get them too, didn’t see them till over paragon 800 this season. My buddy got them first round of T16 bounties, RNG is RNG.

Except that items and Properties of items are weighted. So, D3’s “RNG” is unacceptable, if you ask me.

Not only that, but Blizzard stated that Blacksmith Plans and Jeweler Designs would drop from Bounty Caches and Odious Collectors (green Goblins), guaranteed, until you had them all.

So, it’s NOT RNG and it’s NOT working as intended.

It’s also one of the reasons Haedrig the Blacksmith now automatically learns the Sage’s Journey Set when you Train him to Level 12.

Where did you get that information? It’s a Level 70 Plan for a Level 70 Set. So yeah, if you’re not Level 70 (or at least Level 65) they’re probably not going to drop for you. But, once you hit Level 70 they should be a guaranteed drop if you don’t have them already.


So everyone really needs to stop saying it has a low RNG, it is supposed to be a guaranteed drop. Blizzard has stated many moons ago that you will always get plans nonstop until you have them all at which point and only at that point will you stop getting plans. This is 1000000000% fact until Blizzard comes out of the closet and says otherwise.

Same problem. It still exists and it ruins my season,

Correction: got it after leaving a group and going on master solo for act V bounty.

Did same here. It seems to get it you need lower difficulty to MASTER. Got from the first bounty, after running 100+ bounty’s on torment.

I got mine off a T13 goblin Pack.

Seems a lot of people seem to think that you are guaranteed to have them drop until you have all the plans, although I have never seen any evidence of this myself, and it seems clear that I’m not the only one judging by all the threads about them.

Patch 2.3.0 Now Live

Adventure Mode

  • Bounties
    • Horadric Caches now contain two guaranteed Legendary or Set recipes (if available at your level range)

This is an excerpt from comments I just posted in another thread:

Congratulations to those who’ve found theirs.  

Yep, there is also a lot of discussion about it not working that way.

As I said, I’ve not seen any evidence that what you quoted is correct, and there are a lot of people who have the same issue. Whether that was intended or not doesn’t seem to be clear, as I am not sure Blizz has ever addressed it.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but what I’ve quoted is straight from the 2.3.0 Patch Notes. And if Blizzard has changed this, they would have put that change in a later Patch Notes Blog.

Therefore, it’s not working as intended. And that makes it a bug.

If it’s a bug, then it should affect any and all plans. But it doesn’t. All the basic plans drop as per the patch notes. It is only the “end game” plans that don’t have a guaranteed drop. That makes it seem that it is on purpose.

I am aware of those patch notes, but as I said, I’ve not seen this being true, and judging by the number of complaints, it seems that either the patch notes are wrong, or they are being read wrong.

Okay. I concede.  

I’m not getting the Plans, but it hasn’t stopped me. I’m just playing my builds as I did before we got the new Plans.  

Of course, it would be nice for someone at Blizzard to state once and for all whether this is intentional or not. It would at least quiet down the conspiracy theories.

OK, so we finally got official word on this. No bug


Hi : perhaps we should tell people to post all their bugs onto the General Discussion forum :stuck_out_tongue:

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Right. I can see it now:

This is not a bug. Please move your thread to… blah, blah, blah.

(Time to type up a prepared response for copy/paste in all the continuing bug report threads.   )

The forum should post a standard reply to these topics automatically. :laughing:
Of course, move them to GD as well.

I came here With the same problem, but thought I’d try what was suggested. I lowered from T16 to master, restarted the game (in case there as an update) loaded act 5 and got Trimmings in my first bounty.

yeah same here did bounties on t9 until no more plans dropped and then some more to be sure
startet to search for bugs/etc and found this thread
lowered the difficulty to master and the first bounty gave me the 2 missing plans