Server down - Oct/10/2021

up n running again. just in time for the doob :wink:

Cannot connect to server on ps5 in Ohio.

it says to follow @blizzardcs for updates. why can’t a blizzard site have the updates? why is twitter the central support line for everything nowadays. I shouldnt need a twitter account or any other external site to get updates on these situations.


Can confirm. I am logged in online and playing.

Im reminded of my Glass Cannon in D3. I spent months saving, auctioning, grinding to buy hell difficulty attack speed gear. A week after I got it all put together, they nerfed it all to 10%. 25% increase down to 2.5% and so on. Promised myself I would never buy another Blizzard product, but here I am at their mercy again.

Hey all,

There was an issue with the Asia region servers earlier this morning, but it should be resolved now. We appreciate your patience while we worked on this.

well servers are still down for me in eu, i just wanna enjoy my day off for goodness sake

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log back in after cubing a bunch of runes and gems for space… and not only did all that organization get rolled back… but the character ism issing his cube altogether… wtf

Me too… down in Eu server…

We back up and running Fam!

Because millennials are running the world now. I’m in the same boat… I dont use social media.

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Hey again,

Looks like it’s only the Asia servers that look like they’re mostly recovered - we’re looking into the other issues. Updating the title. Thanks for the extra info.

I’m in Europe on console same problem here. I can’t connect to the battlenet servers neither can I see my online characters. please fix it!

Full Tomb games to 24, Ancients, then Baal games. One advantage to being an insomniac!

Okay, following back up now that we’ve got confirmation everything is stable again.

All servers should be back online at this point. Sorry for the hiccup. We’re looking into the root cause of these to see why they’ve happened this weekend to try to prevent them going forward. Thanks for all the reports and being patient while we got this resolved.

Note that some progress rollbacks are expected whenever this sort of thing happens as your character only saves periodically. If you are missing quest items (ex. horardric cube, etc), you should be able to go back to the original place that you received them to reclaim them. Any other items would need to be farmed back up manually, as there’s no way for us to verify or restore any progress in Diablo II: Resurrected.

If your character is stuck in game, it should resolve within about 15 minutes. Anything that takes longer than an 24 hours to un-stick should be reported here so we can look into it. We’re still checking these as they come in to figure out why some characters end up locked.

Either way, best of luck when you get back in.

Edited: Update 9:30 PM Pacific Time - there’s a different incident happening now. Please follow this thread for updates.

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