My Horadric Cube is missing

I was in Act 1 combining runes with the cube when the servers went down.

Come back no cube.

44 Paladin DirtyDin

Hey there Dirty,

Sorry for the progress rollback. This happens if an item is in a space we can’t save data from when the server goes down for some reason. Devs are looking into that to try to prevent progress loss when things like this happen going forward. In the mean time, here’s how to fix up missing quest items if this sort of thing happens in the future.

So i have to waste my time redoing the same quest?

WOW well thanks for nothings im done

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You’re not done you’re coming back it takes like 5 minutes to get the cube back stop whining.


Then why don’t you shutdown and fix it instead let thing run on uncertain state?
What is your incident plan?
What is the whole actions that you expect your customer to do rather than try to login and play as much as possible while thing still in suck?

I quit fxxcking surprise your team not plan for the very fresh weekend that you should already know how many people will go online.

Note that all of us is not child, most are fathers and ever a grandfather.

In that point, I think you are fuxking with the wrong generations.

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Then please do start acting as one of the above, and not like a child.

Guys really, it’s just a game. Relax.
Cube can be farmed once again also with a quick trav run, the council drops it, too.

Once Blizzard figures out what the hell is going on with the database and servers, you will all be able to get your fix.

Damn yall sound as if you’re going through a substance withdrawal.

I’m grateful the item in my cube(Insight) wasn’t deleted with the cube. The Insight was back in the bank instead of my inventory, I guess that’s due to the rollback.

What are customers expected to do? Report the issue, and then wait. That’s all you CAN do.
The formal way is here in this forum, although I’m concerned by the amount of duplicate threads all about the same issue… people don’t even bother reading 10 seconds of the front page to realize that there are dozens of threads even with the same title.

They’re also being vocal about the issue insofar that they’ve said that they’re working on it. People have been working through the weekend for it.

Nobody can tell you when it will return online, because that’s not how this works. The engineer isn’t going to look at the system and be like “yea, that’s 2 hours to fix”. Even IF they know what the root cause of the issue is, work estimation is one of the hardest parts of any IT job out there.

It is simply going to be back once it’s back. I don’t expect to have an ETA, because I know exactly how borderline impossible that is to have.

Come on, how much time does it take to turn it off and then on again?

Its like, they know they shouldve been prepared to this, its not anything new to them from previous launches. But after being caught like this, unprepared and pants down, there isnt much they can do now. Only proof what your character had is in those rollback images they restore and they cannot do nothing more. Luckily cube is only one travincal council run to get back, which Im doing anyways, but having a good drop gone is a discouraging bummer. :unamused:

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May I ask if My Horadric Cube is missing, how can I make Khalim’s Flai to finish mission?

Read the thread. 20 chars

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