D2R Americas Servers Down

I hope my LO rune will be there:(


I tried to log in at 9PM HK time, could not connect to servers, even their twitter are silent

I’m starting to think they’re getting DDoS’d at this point lol


I’ve seen some people say they’ve lost items when the servers go down. I have not had that same issue. I’ve had items that I just got right before hand, both time now, and had them when servers came back up. Also, trade is no problem.

If they need to bring servers down daily, they need to post that somewhere and what time so that everyone is aware of what is going on. I don’t personally believe that is the problem right now though. And Blizzard is typically radio silent when it’s an issue they are not 100% sure is resolved yet.


It is Sunday so it will probably be down all day in all seriousness

I woke up early today thinking I would play, but instead it’s now time to go to Old Navy and buy some new jeans since I lost 80lb in the last year. #LifeOutsideOfD2R

Blizzard, due to the extreme inconvenience with these bugs , we expect your next big patch to include 99 shared stashes as an apology :stuck_out_tongue:


As someone who works in the IT field at an MSP, you sometimes just don’t know what to say until it’s resolved (in terms of what the problem was). That being said, they definitely need to get out ahead of this as soon as possible and at least say that there’s an issue and that they’re investigating it. That buys them time before the crowds of ‘adoring’ fans start lobbing rotten vegetables at them on the forums, twitter, etc.


yeah I found an oculus about an hour before crash hoping its not gone


knock knock… blizzard, you there? You folks going to fix this today? not impressed guys


My bet is it will be a few hours

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I endorse this idea fully!

yes good bye mule chars

You guys are funny XD

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You are not alone,my dear!

Same for me, game crashed and and now can’t play online anymore

Same thing here. Help? Anybody? Hello?

My character is back, can play. Strangely, my Horodric Cube is gone?? Char is a lvl 40, so I can go get one in normal fine, just seems weird and random.

Hey everybody,

We have had a couple issues this weekend, and we’re currently working on the ones from today. To keep the reports in one place, locking this thread. You can use the one below to keep updated on this situation as we get more info.