Server down - Oct/10/2021

thats a crazy grind what did you do to level that fast

It would be nice to have a blue post about it instead of having to go on Twatter (Twitter)…
Come on Bliz!! I know this should have been all vetted out before go live. lol Was there not enough Alpha testing already?
Woke up got my cup of Death Wish and went to log in to play for a while before going to the gun range. Bah!!! lol

This right here is why there’s not Ladder started yet… They need to iron this crap out… Personally I’m kinda glad they held off on the ladder. as TONS of ladder folks would be irate about this.

Still… You’d expect Blizz to have servers under control by now… what the hell is going on? Where’s the blue post from blizz?

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Yesterday I lost 3 hours progress… lost all the loots and waypoints. I don’t want to do it again…

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Servers are down in Canada, Ontario!
Lets not bash Blizzard as we all have had many hours of good times playing there games and with the return of d2r we can relive those days of feeling like a kid and being scared of your next move and all the good times we all had playing all there original games!
Not pointing fingers just my opinion and we all have one!
Hope server get fixed soon tho!
Have a great day all!


Unreal. It hasn’t been good since the launch. Constant crashes.

I agree, also from ontario. Had a blast last night playing for hours with zero complaint. People need instant gratification and can not appreciate the moments they already have enjoyed.


yep lost time and loots too yesterday. :expressionless:

No 24 hour Maintence Please Call Back 9-5 Mon-Friday Beep.


I am from Europe and the server is down for around 1h 15min, this is unfortunate that this happens on a sunday when I actually have Time to play, week work Kids :joy:


Got a “free hour” = d2r in about 15 min please :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

at least they have a banner up saying they are investigating finally…


whomever is working weekend shift just finished their morning coffee. hopefully working soon

yeah man is down in last then 24 hr and i thougt was my system got problem

Your Close but not spam bot I guess if you look at all the new players creating accts you can’t read that cause your not asain and they are being hack lol is the problem and the que servers for players are full of hack bot accts hence a roll back

Servers down? All it says can’t connect to server for me.

yes , same like yesterday, just waiting couple of hour…

I like your positivity. But I also understand those who work all week, and/or have families, or just not that much time in general to play games who get frustrated.

im logged into online now

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In order to retrieve your characters please deposit another $39.99. Thank you for your patronage. Sincerely blizzard