Server down - Oct/10/2021

Is the server down again? Cant see my online characters


Same here all my online characters just disappeared after a CTD


Are characters deleted?

all characters disapear after enter to d2r

Same for me. What is CTD?

CTD = Crash to Desktop.

I am once again asking for the server status.


Most likely “Crash To Desktop”

same after connection interrupted…

Well no crash for me, just missing chars.

Same here. I should write 20 chars.

After longer connect to battlenet it loads with none of the online characters. Same issue as yesterday morning battlenet server problems.


Same here. No online characters.

i think i know what crashed the servers … i was on all night and on the america server, there was this spam bot spamming non stop for like a couple hours. Then i logged out for 2 hours and after my breakfast, tried logging back in and online character list can’t load. So i am assuming those bots crashed the servers

And did all the characters return after yesterday’s crash?

Oh,Blizzard becomes in trashmaker not a game-developer.Well…when they failed Warcraft Reforged,all hated them,but i’m not,i think things like that can be,and they will fix it…and now Diablo have same path,unfortunately but now this is the way of Blizzard.


Yes, Blizzard posted maintenance yesterday morning. An hour later the online characters returned.

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seriously servers down…AGAIN???

If only an hour and especially if the chars return, I’m fine.

this happened yesterday, your characters aren’t deleted its the server. At least yesterday they addressed the problem and told all of us what was going on. Today apparently no one works there.