October 9 2021 - Server Issues / Missing Characters - Under Investigation

What? The solution is server maintenance. What’s your damage

Same issue here aswell. Full character list gone

Saw a response by customer support on another thread that the characters aren’t deleted but there’s an issue with the server transferring the info to display on-line. Still no ETA =\

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same here, no way imma start all over again. All those perfect crafted items and skillers. Not even talking bout the lvl grind… it will be bye bye blizzard for good. I just hope if they dont refund characters that they refund my money

Worst day of my life…

may happen one day. Maybe it already has… Anyway, I don’t have any characters now. Going to go do something else… haha Let me know when the servers are working again.

Worst day of your life… so far.

not only have I heard of that but on launch a friend of mine lost his lvl 40 paladin when he relogged and deleted the game… my sors is almost 90 and full tal rasha with 42life skiillers and more. If that happens to me its bye bye from me too

Maintenance concluded or not?
Playing hardcore and i don’t want to risk a death. Anyone seen a post somehwere?

Still testing - it’s recovering but I’d use caution playing hardcore until we confirm it’s fixed on twitter or this thread.

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All righty then!
Back to Tetris while waiting :smiley:

Got on my non-hardcore toon – servers still unstable, laggy, got discoed twice. Don’t do it.

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We want custom lobby for console!!!

Servers down characters gone again

10/10/21 9:17 am eastern, america


same thing happened to me again

“cannot connect to server” when starting the game on 2 different computers.

the game starts with the “offline” tab selected and when i click the “online” tab the error message pops up again, automatically re-selecting the “offline” tab.

This is getting old quick. Two days in a row early in the morning.

what they said . . .

Press enter while in trade, chat window comes up

Hey everybody,

We have had a couple issues this weekend, and we’re currently working on the ones from today. To keep the reports in one place, locking this thread. You can use the one below to keep updated on this situation as we get more info.

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