Matchmaking/ripped off/scammers

Rod Fergusson on twitter: “Playing through #Diablo2Resurrected with my brother like we did 20 years ago, except this time we’re not at his kitchen table but online on console and instead of trying to do it all in one sitting we’re chipping away at it each night. Just hit Act 4 last night! #Sorc #Paladin

My response on that tweet: “How do you even dare to mention online play on console? Its broken, its not working, you cant play with any random person via the matchmaking system. Not a single word that this is being worked on. Shame shame shame. The worst part is that i will never get a refund.
Keep ignorin”

Im sorry to break it down to you guys, they act like nothing is wrong and that everything is great. Not a single word about the matchmaking issue or any other issues for that matter from any blue post/blizzard.

They took the money and ran, simple as that. Its sad to see that a company in 2021 act like this and i really, really feel ripped off. 40$+20$ for game and nintendo online service totally down the drain.

I demand, every single (console) player demand an answer on this issue.

Facts always win.



Share your experience with the “matchmaking”

I’ll share this post to everyone involved with the diablo2 RS on twitter daily until we get a response.

Lets make this post huge.
Lets make a difference.


Im hoping they will have it working when ladder starts, but they probably did know matchmaking in console wasn’t going to work on launch.

All i want is a statement on this matter. As far as i can see, they dont even see it as an issue (yet)?. Theres not a single word about it and that worries me.


I have already made a post about how bad is console version… Im not mentioning a lot of things that could be improved but there is TWO MAJOR THINGS #1 match making and #2 communication… Issue number 1 is that you are nearly to imposible to be matched with anyone to play together unless you have that someone on console network. You basically cant play and be willing that someone will join you in your battles. So you just play alone… Question is for how long we going to play this “online single player mode” and I even need to pay ps4+ subscription for this bulls…you know what. Even im 99%of time playing alone.
#2 issue could be even worse if we could have someone to play with lol. There is no way to communicate!!! No ingame text or voice chat. Text chat is mandatory because there is deaf people playing. Text chat is important for multiplayer, you want to discuss about your plans on the game, the strategy… And most important for trade. How can you expect trading without negotiation? Without deals and simly just explainging what do you want. Ah?? This is game about grinding things getting items and better items and traiding them. And you ruined the best and main reason why we play diablo2… Do you really think we play because of story line? Im very upset for what I see now.


I manage to push for info. Although, will matchmaking be fixed? Will there be player X command? How is the loot working on switch when its 4 players max is it the same loot table as if it were player 8 on pc? How is everything working? Noone knows…until then its no point in playing, atleast on switch


This guy literally is laughing from us with this tweet. What a guy…


Reading the status on the upcoming console patch will only include fixes thats been applied to pc already. That means no fix for matchmaking on console.

I’m on Series X and played with my buddy on Series S.

Worked fine and we had a good time.

I played with another buddy on Series X. He was locked out of his Online Character Screen for 15 minutes, then it worked fine and we had a good time.

I played with another buddy who’s on the Xbox One.

At one point I switched characters and it wouldn’t let me load my online characters. I did a hard reset on my Series X and 2 minutes later it was working fine and we had a good time.

Agreed console version is straight trash!!! WTF is this thing they are calling D2 on console it’s a straight joke! Hey blizzard did you know these consoles now can handle the same way a PC does you could have built it exactly the same! A ramake means just that not this garbage you pumped out on console and calling it a remake!


Zudikas13 I could have not said it any better my friend!

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I haven’t had any problems with matchmaking lately… because I switched to single player. Might as well if I’m forced to play online solo anyways.

I’ll try online again when they add the ladder seasons, but I have a feeling the matchmaking and in-game communication will not have changed much, if at all. But I hope so.

It’s just strange to me, I’m playing with 3 others and we are able to join without any issues and do runs together.

I am not a fan of being forced to use Xbox Clubs to find a specific match I’m interested in. It takes 10 times the amount of time to get it set up, plus having to wait for others to even see the post so you can go about your business. It’s kinda sad to see people so dedicated to trying to make communication work by using a system that isn’t even included in a game that is heavily reliant with text chat. It should have been present at launch and it’s quite bad that it isn’t in the game for console users to begin with, as it should have been. “Emote Wheels” and the new “Party Finder” features are not the answer to the lack of being able to use REAL communication. It’s absolutely, insanely funny that there’s even an option to Squelch (mute) other players when we can’t even chat with our own messages and/or voices in game to begin with!

Speaking of the matchmaking, the random matchmaking is pretty awful. 9 out of 10 times, I end up creating my own lobby, instead, when trying to search for a game to join with Party Finder. When I do get lucky enough to play with another player by natural means of randomness, its been just that, another player. Not 2, not 5 and definitely not 7. Just a single, lost soul. Before someone tells me I’m using the wrong options, I am not. Maximum players allowed in my games sits at 8 and I have the level difference setting turned off AND set to 99, all in hopes to join more games. Nothing. All I can manage is playing with my one friend who also owns the game. Thats the level of consistency I have.

This is not the Blizzard company I remember.

I guess that doesn’t matter though, you guys got your money, or perhaps I should say, OUR hard earned money, and you do not care about anything else. I would gladly give you praise, but only when you hold up your end of the bargain. Not a moment sooner.

Also, the lack of keyboard and mouse support on consoles may or may not be your fault, idk, but I’m sure I speak for many who would love this to be a feature, as well as adding an option for the console command “/playersX” for us who enjoy the Single Player Experience. And for the love of GOD… a fix for the load times would be appreciated. It is NOT an internet issue as it loads just as slowly in offline single player.


Yea, I saw that comment.

I left one as soon as I saw that message too.

Playing solo is just boring, I regret buying this on PS5, I actually enjoy playing with randoms (none of my friends play this), but I cant, the most players I’ve gotten in my lobby is 2, and that happened only once.

Blizzard doesnt care about their customers, not buying any more games from them in the future (if the company still has a future)


Of course they did. This happened during the beta too which they fixed.

Spent an hour in game, finally ONE person joins, played for twenty more minutes, no one else joining yet. Left the game cause the other person was killing things on the other side of the map.

Voice wheels don’t work, just look at Overwatch.

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Watch out for missing stuff from shared stash when playing offline then.

Wow!! I can’t believe someone joined your game! That’s super rare, congrats!!

Diablo 2 Resurrected on console is so depressing, sad, disappointing, frustrating, aggravating, and just downright boring.