Anyone playing multiplayer on Switch at all?

I always que for it but it usually just creates a game. I think it might be bugged. I did get into a game with people the other night. I’m hoping some of it is just low pop/being spread out level wise. Hopefully running into more people once were all at the endgame

I’m not unlucky. I didn’t name my offline characters the same as my online ones, which was an issue, and has since been fixed. I’ve never heard of this losing skill points from den of evil t hing either. The underlying game engine is essentially unchanged from diablo II proper, so it is unlikely they could have introduced a new bug with something as old as this.

Invite sent mine is 2743 2503 4034

I play a lot but I think I’m in a palatial world, I never find people XD

Perhaps we should post dedicated threads for friend requests on each console I guess I’ll start.

My switch name is sithnotta add me

you can’t add people by name unless you’re already friends with them on a social media account you have linked to your Nintendo Account. You need the Friend Code, which is visible on your user profile (top left corner of the console’s home menu)

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SW-2888-2976-1863 here u go I didn’t know that

I found it a bit odd that I couldn’t find anything. Regardless of the act, quest or task I’m trying to do the result is the same. The game “searches” for players, that lasts for 3 seconds or so then creates a game for me. No matter how long I stay in that game I have yet to see anyone join it.

I’m linked , but there my code for switch so add me , I’m lvl 38 druid, I just been farming runes n such

That was my experience for a while. Eventually I did find a couple people.

I think what’s happening is the game doesn’t wait long enough to find a match and just keeps creating games instead of joining them.

Yo do u get my friend request?

Switch and pc player here add me on switch sw-1800-3965-6894. Going for sorc to farm first at a5 nightmare at the moment. If anyone knows of a lfg or specific discord for switch let me know. Easier to play switch most of the time for me pc is really only an option on my days off.

add me 4079-5430-1138

Friend request sent. I’m on act 2 nightmare playing a plaladin (vindicator)

Switch player here. Feel free to friend me!


Playing a paladin. In act 2 nightmare currently

I find the multiplayer aspect, completely lacking on the Nintendo Switch. I can never find a game, nor do people join mine (accept launch). Can’t easily send invites or join friends games. And where is the good ol game browser? What can’t we view a list of other hosts, just like the original? And don’t tell me it’s because it’s a console. QUAKE has it. Relying on match making, stinks. It’s worse than the lottery. Having played 35 hours, with an online character, I only played with other people on launch day…that’s been it. (Match making on D3 stinks too).

well the experience is the same across all consoles, tbh.

Only way to play is to use the friend list because that’s how broken the “party finder” is.

And yes, we need the game lobby same as PC.

I play off-line single player only. online is nothing but a cesspool of jsp cheaters