Game party finder is dead

Hi guys,

It’s a lot of us playing this game, but we just can’t find each other…can you fix this problem, please? When I’m clicking join to the game it’s just creating new one. Consoles multiplayer it’s a very lonely place.


I agree.

Party finder is completely broken.

Bring back the friggin lobbies instead of this crap.

The only workaround is using clubs, which is absolutely horrific as well!!


Same problem here :frowning:


I’m just sitting and looking for baalruns on nightmare, 0 games, matchmaking is broken.


I have the same issue. It is just single player In battlenet mod. I’m very disappointed. D2r without lobby is absolutely single player game.

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Same here on PS5. Does anyone know if Blizzard is working on a fix? I haven’t seen any notification with that regard unfortunately. Would be nice to know if they’re in fact aware of the issue’s magnitude and whether or not they’re working on a solution.