NO LOBBY NO PLAYERS ONLINE: we cannot enjoy the game meanwhile pc players enjoy endgame already

Yes! This has completely made this game not enjoyable considering it’s a multiplayer game and you have to rely on random luck to play the game with someone else. Then of course the “bruh use discord” bunch will respond. The game had a lobby 20 years ago, it’s 2021 now but they removed it. It’s crippled this game IMO.


I been on Act V Nightmare for 2 days now. I haven’t found on game with anyone since I’ve been in nightmare.


Only i remember they said “There is going to be a cross progression,and people will play together” or i am wrong?


It’s worse than that.

There ARE people playing. But the matching system isn’t finding their games. It’s completely broken.


I feel the same way removing lobbies from the console version just sucks been making games trying to join people i might get lucky and get 1 person to play with but most of the time im ingame by myself. Matchmaking does not work Fix it Plz you got my money but your now silent on the issue!!!


The best thing to do is make a free rome game with 8 max players for now until they fix this because I had people join had my mic on to let them know I was doing cow runs a d baal runs but don’t know if their is game chat we did the cow run then they left.


dude there are hundreds of thousands who haven’t gotten pat the play button boss, and blizzard are letting the crickets go wil with that, what makes you think they care about players who don’t like the way matchmaking grouping was designed?


Yeah in its current state it is difficult to find people to play with unless you do a private game with friends. It should not be this way, actually taking out the lobbies and having no text-chat made it more difficult to find people to play with, it is broken or very difficult at this point.

They tried to make it more streamlined on console but it seems to severely limit the possibility of playing with other people, I’m really frustrated as the gameplay is very fun and nostalgia but basically stuck playing alone most of the time

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On nintendo switch i spent many evening playing alone, impossible to find someone at your level


It worked in open beta 1 but has been broken for open beta 2 and release. Please at least acknowledge that you know there is a problem


Its broken on PC as well, I live in Alaska and see like 1 or 2 games while my friend who lives in california sees 9 or 10. I know its not a level restriction either because he tells me which games are up and I can join them with him, but I cant see them because Blizzard has some broken system when it comes to showing games to players. The game itself is great (as it was decades ago), but somehow Blizzard managed to screw it up with their matchmaking system. This needs to be fixed immediately, but much like their bro culture and utter disregard for its player base and employees, I expect nothing will change.

I knew I was going to regret buying this. We have a discord of 300+ people thinking it would fix lobby’s but it just doesn’t. It’s still tedious to group, trade. Lobbies is essential. If PC had no lobbies/chat they would fix it today. Instead of acknowledging us or fixing their lies they gloat on Twitter about playing console online and it’s great


I’ve just began tweeting at all the Blizzard accounts everyday asking when they’re going to address console matchmaking issues. Feel like they’re ignoring the problem, or have no clue what to do about it…getting some CP2077 and Anthem vibes.


What are you playing on?

Ps5/new gen scheme, anyone? Ps4/old gen has it the worst imho… especially switch!

I wanted to play online, but since it was busted, I went Single Player. Ended up getting all the achievements on Xbox and got literally every piece of gear that I wanted for my Sorceress and Paladin except for a Griffon’s Eye.

I’m talking Shako, Mara’s, CTA, HOTO, SOJ X 3, Bul Kathos, Nature’s Peace, Rising Sun, Arachnid Mesh, a few Light and Combat skillers, Torch, Anni, Grief, Delerium, Fortitude, and Infinity. All of it. Hell, I even dropped a Tyrael’s Might.

Folks bash Single Player thinking they can’t get all the GG items without trade, but I promise you that you can.

With that said, I stand with everyone in this forum and ask Blizzard to fix the console multiplayer for those that really want PVP, trades, MF games, and XP runs. It’s embarrassing the state the online portion of the game is in.

Guy… if only you didn’t have 8 posts :upside_down_face:

Sooooo you reached 99 with both a soft core and hard core character? If not you didn’t get all the achievements unfortunately. It’ll be even harder too without easy access to public games……sigh

Yup, everything. I tried to link to stuff on TrueAchievements, but I can’t put external links. So, for anyone interested, head on over there and look up the game, go to the forum page, and you’ll see a post by vSully called “The grind to 99”. In there, we both talk strategy on how to complete the achievement list both online and offline. Spoiler alert, offline is much easier.

You can also look me up, Resident eLail, and see that I have every Diablo achievement list completed (D2 and all versions of D3).

8 posts on this forum doesn’t make me an inactive player, haha :rofl: I grinded this game for months, as it is one of my all time favorites.