Can’t find people in matchmaking

I’m on PS4 and it never joins a game with people in it, just creates an empty one. Then no one joins that game. There must be a better way to do the matchmaking to where you can play with others. I found a necromancer once and it was awesome with my paladin. I’d like the matchmaking to work consistently.


Lets make a difference;


Same here…

I’m relying on xbox club to group with people and it’s working amazingly BAD… Half the time you can’t join the game (option is grayed out); don’t realy know why… It happened also with some friends. I though it could be the level limit, but no… I had to restart the game in order to join. The second half people appear disconnected… And the game was just created 1min ago.

HOPE they are working on a fix…

Hey add me to play,
Psn: jnev_

Level 70 sorc looking for help in hell!

Xbox clubs are absolutely horrible. Still better than D2Rs built in matchmaking which is a total joke.

same problem on ps5 boys

I found like 2 people since this post, not at the same time either. They need to fix this soon so we can play with others. Wish I had a good pc to play on but all I got is PS4.

Same issue here. I have at least gotten to act 5 hell so I can MF. But now I have items I want to trade… I really hope they add lobbies. That will fix all of the matchmaking problems. As a console only player, in its current state, it’s a solo game unless you have friends online and trading is completely absent outside your personal group of friends.

Lobbies need to be implemented.

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