Few questions about console lobbies

I dont want to put this game down or bash it because I’m just happy I get to play it at all on my ps5 and it’s my favorite game of all time so with that said I was wondering if anyone has heard or knows why thier has been zero response from blizzard on the broken party system. 2 characters in hell an I have seen 3 people entire time. People are on people are trying to play as I see over an over again. I have friended a lot of people an joined Facebook groups for it to make my experience a tad better but with cross progression seems little unfair that u can get all that done on pc then come on console an destroy everyone in pk games an what not. Just some sort of acknowledgment that they are gonna work on it or something would be cool. I dont think they just put it out on console for money grab an ant gonna do anything with it. I just don’t believe that


Agreed this is really killing that old school D2 feeling I loved about the game back in the day. I’m in A5 Nightmare and haven’t seen a person since I started in NM. It’s really killing the vibe and I hope Blizz will reincorporate lobbies some how. Not everyone has 10,000 friends or rely on discord. Shouldn’t have to considering the original game from 20 years ago had a lobby!!!

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join forces Dead Party Finder?

I enjoy this game gameplay wise but I cannot get over how bad the matchmaking system is. There needs to be communication options like many have said already. Please add in these features or the game will be dead very soon. Need attention!

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