Iron Golem Issues

I am repeatidly losing iron golems because they get stuck and then for some reason they turn into a targetable enemy (see link for pic)Iron Golem Problems

This is really annoying because I use items like IK maul to make good iron golems and when this happens 2 minutes after making one it is really a huge waste.

It would be nice if either we can prevent this from happening, OR, if we could cast iron golem spell on the targetable iron golem and it creates a new one with the same stats.

Thanks for reading.


I too just experienced this game glitch in Tristram on my Iron Golem made from an insight. Luckily it is an inexpensive RW, but this needs to be addressed immediately considering the potential cost to the user. Definitely going to hold off my Beast Iron Golem until this is fixed.


Just happened to me aswell. He got stuck, left my bar of summons. I ran back and my skellies attacked him.


Chiming in as well, lost an insight CV I made for just the purpose of it, golem locked in place and skeletons turned and started to swing at it killing it almost immediately, happened before that as well with an ethereal edge, not as devastating of a loss but still concerning. This never, ever happened in normal D2. Iron golems give summoners a big edge with what they can make so this is a serious problem.


Iron golem disappear from runeword Insight.


The same exact thing happened to my Insight Iron Golem. I was farming Shenk, and he got stuck on some terrain. I waypoint back to Harrogath and notice he’s gone from my minion bar at the top. I head back to Frigid Highlands where I killed Shenk, and he’s standing there alive, but targetable. A few seconds later, he dies and collapses into a pile of metal.

So, I make a second Insight IG, and this one disappears from my minion bar immediately after I teleport to the Black Marsh to go farm Countess. This time, I can’t even find him or the pile of metal that he would’ve turned into. There’s no way he was killed by Hell Act 1 white mobs.

2 golems lost to bugs in a matter of maybe 5 minutes. This is incredibly frustrating. I won’t be making another until this is addressed. Luckily Insight is cheap compared to some other runewords.


Just happened to me, too. Ran back to Fortress in act 4 from the steppes. Golem got stuck around the corner and disappeared from my minion bar. Went back out and he is targettable; thus, my merc and skellies attacked and killed him. Do we know whats triggering this?


I even found my golem after it got bugged out, and my skeletons put it to rest


Same here. Literally made an IG with an obediance, 2 min later playing with him, he just vanishes. I stopped playing my necro after that. Not playing Necro until this is fixed.


Just saw this myself. :frowning: I guess I’ll be making junk gear IG’s until it’s fixed.


Same happened to me as well.


Despite my better judgment, I made another Insight Iron Golem. Of course, the bug happened again, this time, in The Secret Cow level. I managed to get a screenshot before my skeletons killed him. You can see it at imgur (dot) com/a/rDZetOD.

Incidentally, you may have noticed a clay golem among my companions in this image. I resigned to summoning him after noticing I had lost the iron golem due to the bug. I’m pointing this out in case summoning the CG might be viewed as the reason I lost the IG. It is not.


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While I appreciate the information, it could have been delivered more tactfully. I am new to this, so I didn’t know how to do what you just did. I’m just trying to provide information for a bug that I hope will be corrected.

I tried posting the link initially, and I read that you have to build up forum reputation first before you’re allowed to insert hyperlinks into your post, so I assumed that was the only way to do it.

Thought patch 2.3 would fix the issue. It did not. Looks like the IG was stuck on a foul crow nest this time and bugged out:
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I kind of figured that. It’s why I left step-by-step instructions for future use.

I even embedded the image for you. (I thought I was being helpful. I didn’t realize you had such “thin skin”).

I’ll stay away from now on. (There’s other things I’d rather be doing anyway).

It was incredibly helpful. Thank you. I did say I appreciate the information, and I meant it. You went out of your way to teach me something and I won’t forget it. You were just a little snarky, so I called it out. That’s all.

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Iron Golem Disappeared.
Yes, after Patch 2.3

I was at Cow Level, strayed further from my summons.
Then all of them teleported around me, excluding my insight golem.
I lost count of how many golems I lost that way.
Golem did not die by taking damage. It just disappeared.
Please, do SOMETHING about it already.


My Iron Golem also just vanished at the river of flame, entering choas Sanctuary. He got stuck and i kept moving forward. At some point i looked at the team composition and was like… ehhh i miss someting.

He has over 5K hp before Bo. made him from an insight so not very expensive but annoing. Hope they fix this in the next patch. Till then let this be a warning to others… be very carefull what to use to create your iron golem becuase he can go Phoofff… for no reason at all.